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I know I've disgraced the Sunspears. I'm not worthy of the name.

— Eladaar

Eladaar is a Sunspear found in the Jahai Bluffs. Her wife, Ysri, and son, Takar, were killed on orders of Palawa Joko. Her anger as a result of this event has not dissipated upon Joko's death and she now defaces the memorials erected by Free Awakened in the bluffs in an act of revenge. She has a home in the vicinity of the Ancestor Tree in the Ruined Procession.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Former Sunspear Soldier (after being discharged for ruining the memorials)
  • Sunspear Soldier (after fixing all of the memorials)
  • Disoriented.png Drunk - Have you had a little too much to drink? (after investigating her old house)
  • Confusion.png Disoriented - Something seems to be wrong with the creature. (after investigating her old house)


Talking to her for the first time
Eladaar: Cleaning up this filth is a public service. Eternal life—ha! Serves them right.
Eladaar: No one gets eternal life. Least of all Awakened trash. Should have been buried a long time ago.
Don't you have something better to do? Get lost.
Talk more option tango.png That memorial meant a lot to someone.
Mind your own business. Who do you think you are—my Second Spear?
Talk end option tango.png Don't destroy any more. (grants Field Notes on Wrecked Memorials)
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.
After investigating her old house
Eladaar: You here to mock me, huh? You an Awakened-lover too?
Eladaar: Took my family. Then they took my other family. Bonebags. Go away. Leave me alone. (grants Harsh Words)
Speaking to her again after
No, I don't want to see whatever trash you've found. Go away and never come back.
Talk end option tango.png See you later.
After placing the seventh Awakened Memorial, at Pact Vanguard
Eladaar: Bite a spearhead, outlander. Can't a woman ruin her eye paint in private these days? (grants Invitation)
<Character name>: There's something I think you'd want to see. North of Sun's Refuge, above the pool. It has to do with your family.
Eladaar: Ysri and Takar? You nosy, prying—why do you—
Eladaar: Kormir on a dolyak, I'll go. You'll pay for this if it's a trick.
Speaking to her again after
This better not be a trick, Commander.
Talk end option tango.png I promise you, it's worth your time.
Two monuments side-by-side.
Approaching the two memorials at Venta Pass
Eladaar: Ysri...Takar...and that's Takar's toy... But how?
Eladaar: You! Awakened! Get out of here! This ground is sacred to the dead.
Amira: You had me build this for a Sunspear...? Nice trick, Commander.
Eladaar: You...made this? And the other one, that one looks familiar...
Eladaar: Oh no.
Amira: You. It was you! You tore them down! And you, so-called hero—never speak to me again.
Eladaar: I—I deserve your anger. But, Kormir curse me, I will make this right.
Amira: You can do nothing to make things right!
Eladaar: Second Spear Riyid, I know I've disgraced the Sunspears. I'm not worthy of the name. But please, hear me.
Eladaar: Awakened need a place to get stinking drunk and cry over their dead like the rest of us.
Eladaar: If there's some corner of the sanctuary...
Second Spear Riyid: Consider it done.
Amira: I'm...sorry for your loss.
Second Spear Riyid: Welcome home, Sunspear Eladaar.
Amira: The world feels empty without them, doesn't it.
Eladaar: I keep waiting for Ysri and Takar to come home.
Speaking to her by the memorials
Hate to say it, but thanks, Commander.
Talk more option tango.png I couldn't watch you suffer like that.
I'll do better. I am better than this. For Ysri, for her memory...
Talk end option tango.png I believe in you.

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