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Be the life of the party

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Be the life of the party

Garden of Seborhin
(Domain of Vabbi)
Renown NPC
Amusement Adjunct Cagri
Increased the happiness in the garden.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
20,320 Experience.png
675 Karma.png
3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin

Interactive map

Dance with lonely wallflowers, or obtain an Affinity Analyzer to play matchmaker for lonely nobles, or deal with discontent djinn lurking in the area.

— Heart objective

Be the life of the party is a renown heart in the Garden of Seborhin, Domain of Vabbi.


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Use the /dance emote near NPCs that are marked "Wallflower" — 2% heart progress
  • Use the Affinity Analyzer bundle to identify and match lonely nobles — 15% heart progress
  • Use the Affinity Analyzer bundle to identify and dispatch djinn — 0% or 10% heart progress (varies)

Completion mail[edit]


Amusement Adjunct Cagri

Amusement Authority Acknowledgement

Palawa Joko's Amusement Authority demands that our citizens possibly find love and definitely procreate. Your efforts in entertaining have resulted in an uptick in potential population, helping supply rise to meet demand. Well done, and praise Joko!

—Amusement Adjunct Cagri

Silver coin 38 Copper coin 675 Karma.png


  • Lonely nobles can express interest in men or women, selected at random regardless of their own gender.