Engineer Kalee

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Kalee is a female Sylvari engineer in the lower decks of the Pact airship in Terzetto Bay (Straits of Devastation).


Welcome aboard! I'm tasked with keeping this ship flying. I've got my hands full maintaining these cannons right now.
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You seem excited by your work.
What's not to we excited about? When I left the tree, I never imagined I'd be here, making history. It's exhilarating!
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I guess so. How did you get this job, anyway?
Machines have always just spoken to me. A gift from the Dream, maybe. I know I feel lucky to be here.
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Take care.
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Your enthusiasm is infectious.
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Don't let me keep you from it.


  • Kalee is named after the engineer in the Sci-fi miniseries "Firefly". She even has the same quote "machines just speak to me".