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Priory Explorer Elof

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Priory Explorer Elof is a norn searching for artifacts in Desert Highlands, and then later in Thunderhead Peaks with his twin brother, Priory Explorer Olaf. He gets queasy when he's anxious.


Crystal Desert
Deldrimor Front

Event involvement[edit]

Event collect (tango icon).png Help Elof recover buried artifacts (80)


In Desert Highlands[edit]

Before event start
Got a keen eye, have you? If you spot any artifact pieces around here, could you bring them to me? I've got to stand here and catalog whatever we find.
Talk ready option.png Sure, I can help out.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe later.
Bringing in artifacts
Have some artifacts for me?
Talk give option tango.png Yes, I do.
Talk end option tango.png I'll go find some.
No artifacts in inventory
Have some artifacts for me?
Talk end option tango.png I'll go find some.
After finishing the event
I can't talk long. I've got to get these artifacts to the mine, but I want to do a quick double check of my packing lists first. Did you need something?
Talk more option tango.png What are you going to do with all these artifacts?
First, I record their dimensions, weight, material, purpose, approximate age, approximate value, and where they were found. Then they go to the mines.
Talk more option tango.png The mines?
We've got a team excavating those old dwarven mines. I lucked out and get to dig around up here instead! Anyway, they want to cross-reference their findings with ours.
Talk more option tango.png What are they hoping to find?
Oficially? Anything that interesting and historical. Unofficially? There's a rumor of old dwarven weapons down there that would be the find of a lifetime.
Talk end option tango.png That would be exciting.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe I'll go look for those mines.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds thrilling.
Talk end option tango.png Oh, no, I didn't.

In Deldrimor Ruins[edit]

The Priory's gonna have our hides for this. This was such a bad idea...
Talk more option tango.png What's the problem?
I'mm fine, I just - ugh - I get queasy when I'm anxious. We were just about to stick a fork in this excavation site when things got bad, so we asked the skritt to help, and- and that's not working out.
Talk more option tango.png Can I help?
That'd be- ughhhh- much appreciated, Commander. My brother here can give you the... the...
Talk end option tango.png The details. Got it.
Talk end option tango.png That's rough. Feel better.
Talk end option tango.png I have to go.


Knowledge is the greatest treasure.
Good hunting!
When approached in Deldrimor Ruins
Ah, commander. If you've got a moment, we could use a hand.