Rata Pten

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Rata Pten

Point of Interest
Criterion Canyon
(Mount Maelstrom)
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Rata Pten.jpg
Rata Pten

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Rata Pten are ruins of an asuran settlement on the surface of the Steamspur Mountains. It holds relics dating back to when Orr was a thriving nation.[1] In addition, there are relics which have writing similar to dwarven.[2] Someone in the upper echelons of the Durmand Priory believes that something that could be used to fight the Elder Dragons may be found there, and so the site is currently under excavation.[3]


  • Unlike other Rata-prefixed asuran city names, Pten is not Latin. However, փտեն (p'ten) is Armenian for "he/she/it rots". This would roughly translate Rata Pten to "rotting thought"/"thought that rotted".