Grymm Svaard

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Mist Champion. For the attribute combination "Svaard's", see Marauder.

Grymm was a sword-for-hire who crewed such notable ships as the Salma's Grace under Captain Osh Moran, the Pride under Captain Cobiah Marriner, and the Nadir Shill under Captain Yomm.

— In-game description

Grymm Svaard is an offensive Mist Champion available for the Battle of Champion's Dusk.

Grymm Svaard, along with his twin brother Bronn, was a norn sword-for-hire aboard the Salma's Grace in 1229 AE. He is described as having salt-gold hair that capped a broad face, and a long, braided beard adorning a wide jaw. The brothers were actually Priory Explorers, with the mission of learning all they could about the Orrians. After the Salma's Grace joined forces with Cobiah Marriner to fight the Orrian xebec, Harbinger, they remained with Cobiah's crew until hired by Captain Yomm in 1237 AE. During the Great Krytan Blockade of 1256 AE, they joined Captain Isaye aboard the Nomad II to fight Captain Whiting's Risen aboard the Indomitable, where he had to kill his brother who was turned into a Risen during the battle.


The Mists


PvP Reward Track.png Mist Champion—Grymm Svaard Reward Track – PvP only

  • Tier 8, 5th reward. 40th of total.

Combat abilities[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
War Cry — This skill will trigger when the Mist Champion is summoned. Cannon Barrage.png Cannon Barrage Fire cannon balls at all enemies on the map, knocking down and burning all enemies hit.
Passive — This effect will constantly pulse around the Mist Champion. Steel and Fury.png Steel and Fury Grants fury and a 50% chance on critical. Trigger a cannonball for area-of-effect damage and knock down (180 radius).
(Cooldown: 5 Seconds)
Elite — This skill will be triggered once the Mist Champion has entered the enemy lord's room. Nomad II Broadside.png Nomad II Broadside 2 60 Call down a cannon barrage, knocking down enemies and dealing 20% damage to the enemy lord.
  • Summoned Echo
  • Supports Nearby Allies
  • Moderate Damage to Players
  • Minor Damage to Gates

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png


Skin Appearance Trading Post Price from League Vendor Price using Shards of Glory Trading Post price
Grymm Svaard Reward Box.png Festive Grymm Svaard Fancy Winter Outfit not available not available
Flamewalker Grymm Svaard.png Flamewalker Grymm Svaard Flamewalker armor 1000  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory
Priory Grymm Svaard.png Priory Grymm Svaard Priory's Historical armor 250  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory
Rogue Grymm Svaard.png Rogue Grymm Svaard Rogue armor 100  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory


  • Throughout the novel, this character's name is alternately spelled "Grymm Svard", "Grymm Svaard", and even "Grimm Svaard".