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Researcher Fero is a member of the Durmand Priory who has been working alongside Researcher Barron on a new weapon based on dredge technology called the Psi-Lance. They are a potential recruit for the battle to retake Claw Island. Later on, they join the Priory's effort with the Pact in invading the Ruins of Orr, where they are called into work the ritual of a Searing Cauldron to take down the defenses around the Cathedral of Verdance in Cursed Shore to allow land troops past its fortifications. After Zhaitan's death, he and Barron can be seen conversing with Demolitionist Strixel about new weaponry ideas.

Fero later joined the Pact Fleet's assault on Mordremoth, being on the same airship as Agent Zrii. Zrii mentioned seeing Fero and Barron be killed by the sylvari turned by Mordremoth.

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