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Priory Scholar Vannis

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Priory Scholar Vannis


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The fungus... I've never seen anything like it. Wherever this came from, it's not part of Tyria.

Priory Scholar Vannis

Priory Scholar Vannis is an asuran member of the Durmand Priory found studying the anomaly which is showing an environment from another world in the Jahai Bluffs.


In 1331 AE, Vannis entered the Jahai Bluffs and witnessed a strange environment appear before his eyes out of nowhere, and wondered if he was imagining it until the Pact Commander arrived and confirmed that the suddenly appeared environment did exist in the cave. Vannis discussed the strange anomaly with the Pact Commander and speculated the fungus found in the environment might not originate in Tyria. He helped the Commander return to him from the presence of the otherworldly, hallucinogenic fungi when he noticed that their spores were affecting the Commander. Afterwards, the Commander asked Vannis not to tell anyone about the drugged experience.

Vannis eventually received calculations from Researcher Nereth about the potential impact site where Balthazar's missing greatsword had landed on in the aftermath of the Battle of Kodash Bazaar, and left to retrieve it alongside two other Priory members. The trio located the greatsword but were ambushed by Zafirah, a grieving priestess of Balthazar, who incapacitated them with her sniper rifle and stole the sword from them. The Priory members met with the Pact Commander, who was also searching for the greatsword, soon after and told the Commander what had happened and that the sniper was headed southeast to the Argon Garrison.

Some time after the encounter with Zafirah, Vannis recovered from his injuries and returned to study the otherworldly anomaly in the cave.


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