Explorer Banba

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Explorer Banba is a Durmand Priory member found in Caer Evermore.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png Defend the Leaders of Caer Evermore from the Risen (58)
Event swords (tango icon).png Slay remaining Risen (58)
Event boss (tango icon).png Kill the Risen Crusader (59)


Welcome to Evermore. It may not be the most impressive fort, but it's in an interesting location.
Talk more option tango.png What makes this place so interesting?
The undead threat is a constant challenge. No boredom here!
Talk more option tango.png If they attack, I'll help defend.
Your sort of hero is always welcome.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like excitement that I don't need right now.
Talk more option tango.png What are you doing here?
My team and I catalog artifacts found in the Ruins, then ship them to the Priory.
Ferocity Sounds tedious, actually.
Attacks by the shambling undead tend to break the monotony.
Talk end option tango.png What a miserable post. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck with the cataloging.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.
Before and during Slay remaining Risen
Not amused. Definitely not amused. What're you lookin' at me for? Keep your eyes on your surroundings. There are more Risen out there. I guarantee it.
Talk end option tango.png All right.
During Kill the Risen Crusader
Would you look at that thing? Oozing! Gooing! Disgusting. Let's put it out of its misery, hm?
Talk end option tango.png Good idea.