Scholar Aimee Testibrie

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Scholar Aimee Testibrie


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Scholar Aimee Testibrie is a member of the Durmand Priory that can be found in Kilnn's Rest. She is off Priory duty, looking for the remains of her great-great-grandfather, Kilnn Testibrie.



My apologies, but I don't have much time to talk. I'm engaged in a personal project—Priory sanctioned, of course. I'm searching for remnants of my family history.
Talk more option tango.png Your family?
This arch here is all that's left of my family mausoleum. My great-great-grandfather, Kilnn Testibrie, was buried here. He was a renowned champion in his time.
Talk more option tango.png What exactly are you looking for?
I've heard that his ghost wandered these hills searching for his lost enchanted armor before it was finally returned to him. I thought perhaps I could learn more about it. But so far, I've found nothing.
(If the player has The Flameseeker Prophecies III: The Chosen achievement collection unlocked)
Talk ready option.png Would you tell me his story to record in my Anthology of Heroes?
I'd love to help. (Adds The Hero Kilnn's Story to your collection)
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.
Talk end option tango.png Hope you find something.
Talk end option tango.png You'd better get back to work, then.
Talk end option tango.png Don't let me keep you.