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Archon is a title used by various organizations in both Central Tyria and Elona.

Durmand Priory[edit]

Archon is a high rank in the Durmand Priory. Research that delves into dangerous areas, and are thus forbidden by most Priory members, is handled by the archons.

Mordant Crescent[edit]

Archon is the highest ranking military commander in the Mordant Crescent. As Palawa Joko's second-in-command under specific circumstances, they have the authority to command the marshals of Elona's Awakened army.[1][2] The Archon's Retreat in the Fortress of Jahai is where the archons stay in during their visits to the fortress.

Known archons[edit]

Durmand Priory
Mordant Crescent


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    <Character name>: Archon Iberu could.
    Shadows Agent Kito: The archon? I...I suppose Joko's marshals might follow the orders of the archon. If those orders came from the king himself.
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