Arcanist Madelia

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Arcanist Madelia can be found in camp Rocklair in Highfirn Passage. She is trying to study the artifacts in the dwarven ruins, but is having issues with the dredge.



I'm about ready to spit nails. That's how frustrated I am. I'm not sure where that expression came from, because it doesn't make a lot of sense, but if I could spit nails, I would.
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Some scholars are also fighters. Not me. I'm good with books. And artifacts. And if I have to physically beat back dredge who are trying to put their grubby claws on the very same artifacts I'm here to study...
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Sounds like they have as much a right to the artifacts as you.
I'm not disputing that. But it doesn't mean they're not causing us problems. They can study them when I'm done with them. If I feel giving them up.
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Then I'll leave you alone.