Stop the dredge from recapturing Firebase Molek

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Stop the dredge from recapturing Firebase Molek

Interactive map

Interactive map

Stop the dredge from recapturing Firebase Molek is a level 48 dynamic event that occurs in Frostland Melt.


  • Dredge Storm Generators destroyed: x/6
  • Firebase Molek captured in: 6:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,470 Experience.png 234 Karma 54 Copper coin
Silver 2,949 Experience.png 199 Karma 46 Copper coin
Bronze 2,602 Experience.png 176 Karma 41 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 48 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Event start
Magister Penelope: Did you feel that? Cursed dredge, always making rumblings in the ground. I'll be glad to get in those ruins and be done with this place.
Dredge Engineer: We've been instructed to relieve the Priory of this camp they so shamefully stole.
Dredge Engineer: We'll split up. Half our force and one engineer should be enough for each door.
Dredge Engineer: The Priory will see the rise of the workers yet.
Dredge Engineer: (quoted) Go! Go! Go! Everyone inside. Set up the turrets. This camp is ours.
Magister Penelope: Band together! The dredge are invading! They've forced open the gates!
Upon success
Magister Penelope: Ha! And take the stench of failure back to your mines with you!
Upon failure
Veteran Dredge Disaggregator: Look at them running away. Get to the cannons! We need to lock this place down!
Veteran Dredge Disaggregator: If we can keep these cannons operational, our ground patrols will be able to take Fridgadr Camp and the Priory monastery.