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Pact Prisoner

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The Pact Prisoners are ten Pact human squad members captured and imprisoned by Sabetha the Saboteur in Spirit Vale. Freeing or speaking with all ten of them after Sabetha has been defeated is required for the achievement My Hero!


Heart of Maguuma


Vigil Crusader:

Vigil Crusader: The bandits marched us here through the woods. We almost didn't make it because of those spirits.
<Character name>: We saw them, too. Fought a huge cluster on the way here. I don't think they'll bother us anymore.
Vigil Crusader: I'm not so sure about that. Ghosts have a habit of coming back. And these spirits were especially angry about something.

Whispers Keeper:

Whispers Keeper: Fought our way through the area but were outnumbered.
or instead - Whispers Keeper: We had orders to collect intel on Mordrem movement. Came up this way, felt a shock wave, and all hell broke loose. [verification requested]
<Character name>: What happened to your squad leader?
Whispers Keeper: Don't know. He was taken away by soldiers. They looked different. Can't have gone too far, though. They left on foot.
Whispers Keeper: Promise me you'll find him. He's the reason we're still alive.
Whispers Keeper: Said they could do what they want with him if they spared the rest of us. He's the heart of this squad.
<Character name>: We'll do our best to find him.
or instead - <Character name>: You have my word. [verification requested]

Vigil Warmaster:

Vigil Warmaster: I don't understand what happened. There was a big shock wave.
Vigil Warmaster: Then the pylons... Those creatures came out of nowhere.
<Character name>: Understood. Get some rest. We'll have a full debrief later.

Whispers Agent:

Whispers Agent: What were those things outside the woods?
<Character name>: No idea. We deactivated the pylons and neutralized those guardians on the way in. Shouldn't pose a problem anymore.
or instead - <Character name>: No idea. We deactivated the pylons and neutralized the guardians on the way in. They shouldn't pose a problem anymore. [verification requested]

Vigil Marksman:

Vigil Marksman: We tried to fight them off, but there were just too many of them.
<Character name>: You fought hard and did the Pact proud. No apology necessary, soldier.

Vigil Crusader:

Vigil Crusader: Magic behaves differently here. I can't really explain it, but strange things are happening.
<Character name>: You've been through a lot. Regroup with the others, and eat something. We'll talk later.

Vigil Warmaster:

Vigil Crusader: (moaning)
<Character name>: Rest up. It's a long trip back.
or instead - <Character name>: Gather your strength. It's a long trip back. [verification requested]

Priory Historian:

Priory Historian: One of the mercenaries went deeper into the jungle a few days ago. [verification requested]
Priory Historian: I keep hearing screams and seeing bursts of light at night. Something's going on.
<Character name>: I think your squad leader may have been taken there. Rest up and collect your thoughts. I'll need a full report.

Vigil Marksman:

<Character name>: You're free.
Vigil Marksman: Those ghosts want vengeance. They attacked anything that What happened to them?

Priory Historian:

Priory Historian: (muttering)
<Character name>: It's OK. You're OK. You're going home now.

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