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Day and night are two environment states which affect certain gameplay mechanics, including the appearances of certain weapons and sylvari glow.

In most areas of the game, day and night alternate according to the day-night cycle, sometimes referred to in-game as Tyrian Time. Any zone or instance that does not follow the cycle will be permanently frozen at a particular time. The day-night mechanic is intended as an element of realism in the game; for example, the day-night cycle mimics the passage of real time, and the night state of many underground dungeons reflects the darker feeling of those locations.

Day-night cycle[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


A single day-night cycle lasts for 2 hours in real time, though in-universe it is considered to take 24 hours. Thus, one hour of Tyrian Time corresponds to five minutes of real time, and one minute of Tyrian Time corresponds to five seconds of real time. The cycle is split into four stages:

Stage Length (real time) Tyrian Time
Day 70 minutes 06:00–20:00
Dusk 5 minutes 20:00–21:00
Night 40 minutes 21:00–05:00
Dawn 5 minutes 05:00–06:00

Open world maps in Cantha are on a slightly different day/night cycle in which both day and night have the same duration.[1] It breaks down as follow:

Stage Length (real time) Tyrian Time
Day 55 minutes 08:00–19:00
Dusk 5 minutes 19:00–20:00
Night 55 minutes 20:00–07:00
Dawn 5 minutes 07:00–08:00

For the purposes of mechanics that can't transition smoothly between day and night behaviors, dawn is usually considered night and dusk is considered day. Food and Fishing are exceptions: Food will treat dawn as day and dusk as night, and Fishing will treat dawn and dusk as both day and night at the same time.

All zones obeying the day-night cycle are synchronized to the same schedule. Tyrian Time may be tracked via the in-game clock, which can be turned on via the Options panel; alternatively it can be checked via the chat command /time. Note that this can only be checked within zones with the day-night cycle active, as zones not on the cycle will permanently display the time they are frozen at.

List of locations with day-night cycle[edit]

List of zones not on cycle[edit]

Name Status Tyrian Time
Ascalonian Catacombs Night 22:00
Caudecus's Manor Day 07:00
Twilight Arbor Night 22:00
Sorrow's Embrace Night 22:00
Citadel of Flame Night 22:00
Honor of the Waves Day 07:00
Crucible of Eternity (story mode) Day 12:00
Crucible of Eternity (explorable mode) Night 22:00
The Ruined City of Arah Day 07:00
Spirit Vale Day 07:00
Salvation Pass Day 07:00
Stronghold of the Faithful Day 07:00
Bastion of the Penitent Day 12:00
Hall of Chains Day 07:00
Mythwright Gambit Day 07:00
The Key of Ahdashim Day 07:00
Strike Missions
Name Status Tyrian Time
Shiverpeaks Pass Night 00:00
Voice and Claw of the Fallen Day 12:00
Fraenir of Jormag Day 12:00
Boneskinner Day 12:00
Whisper of Jormag Dusk 20:00
Forging Steel Day 12:00
Cold War Dusk 20:00
Aetherblade Hideout Day 12:00
Kaineng Overlook Night 00:00
Harvest Temple Night 00:00
Fractals of the Mists
Name Status Tyrian Time
Mistlock Observatory Day 12:00
Aetherblade Fractal Day 12:00
Aquatic Ruins Fractal Day 12:00
Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal Day 12:00
Chaos Fractal Day 12:00
Cliffside Fractal Day 12:00
Deepstone Fractal Day 12:00
Molten Boss Fractal Day 12:00
Molten Furnace Fractal Day 12:00
Nightmare Fractal Day 08:00
Shattered Observatory Fractal (normal mode) Day 12:00
Shattered Observatory Fractal (challenge mode) Both ??
Siren's Reef Fractal Day 12:00
Snowblind Fractal Night 22:00
Solid Ocean Fractal Night 22:00
Sunqua Peak Fractal Day 12:00
Swampland Fractal Night 22:00
Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Day 12:00
Twilight Oasis Fractal Night 00:00
Uncategorized Fractal Day 12:00
Underground Facility Fractal Night 22:00
Urban Battleground Fractal Day 12:00
Volcanic Fractal Night 22:00
Structured PvP
Name Status Tyrian Time
Asura Arena Day 08:00
Auric Span Night 22:00
Battle of Champion's Dusk Night 22:00
Battle of Kyhlo Night 22:00
Courtyard Night 22:00
Djinn's Dominion Day 08:00
Eternal Coliseum Day 12:00
Forest of Niflhel Night 22:00
Hall of the Mists Night 22:00
Legacy of the Foefire Day 12:00
Revenge of the Capricorn Night 22:00
Skyhammer Day 12:00
Spirit Watch Day 10:00
Temple of the Silent Storm Night 22:00
Name Status Tyrian Time
Bitterfrost Frontier (during the storm; see above) Night 21:00
Draconis Mons Day 09:00
Dragonstorm Day 12:00
Edge of the Mists Day 07:00
Lion's Arch (only during Halloween) Night 00:00
Mad King's Realm Night 02:00
Mistlock Sanctuary Day 11:00
Personal story instances Varies Varies
The Nightmare Incarnate Night 01:00
The Twisted Marionette Night 00:00
Thousand Seas Pavilion Day 12:00

Game elements affected by day-night state[edit]

Dynamic events, NPCs, and enemies[edit]

Sigil of the Night[edit]

Primary article: Sigil of the Night

Sigils of the Night are weapon sigils that increase outgoing damage during the night state.

Sigil of the Night Rarity Level Bonus
Minor Sigil of the Night.png Minor Sigil of the Night Masterwork 20 Outgoing damage is increased by 1% with an additional 3% at night.
Major Sigil of the Night.png Major Sigil of the Night Rare 40 Outgoing damage is increased by 2% with an additional 5% at night.
Superior Sigil of the Night.png Superior Sigil of the Night Exotic 60 Outgoing damage is increased by 3% with an additional 7% at night.


Primary article: Fishing

Some fish can only be caught during specific times of day.

Daytime/Nighttime Fish can still be caught during Dusk/Dawn Time Periods.


Primary article: Food

The following foods confer different bonuses depending on whether it is day or night. Dawn is considered day and dusk is considered night for the purposes of this mechanic.

Level Duration Item Effect
10 30m Chili Pepper Popper.png Chili Pepper Popper Day: 8% Chance to gain might on crit
20 30m Bowl of Fancy Bean Chili.png Bowl of Fancy Bean Chili +20 Ferocity
Day: 8% Chance to cause Burning on Critical Hit
Night: 8% Chance to Steal Life on Critical Hit
20 30m Stuffed Pepper.png Stuffed Pepper Day: 16% Chance to gain might on crit
30 30m Stuffed Zucchini.png Stuffed Zucchini Day: 24% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 24% Chance to cause chill on crit
35 30m Bowl of Zucchini Chili.png Bowl of Zucchini Chili +30 Ferocity
Day: 12% Chance to cause Burning on Critical Hit
Night: 12% Chance to Steal Life on Critical Hit
46 60m Bowl of Spiced Meat and Cabbage Stew.png Bowl of Degun Shun Stew +30 Ferocity
Day: 12% Chance to Burn on Critical Hit
Night: 12% Chance to Steal Life on Critical Hit
+10% Experience from Kills
50 30m Bowl of Hummus.png Bowl of Hummus Day: 28% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 28% Chance to cause chill on crit
50 30m Bowl of Spiced Veggie Chili.png Bowl of Spiced Veggie Chili +20 Ferocity
Day: 14% Chance to cause Burning on Critical Hit
Night: 14% Chance to Steal Life on Critical Hit
65 30m Roasted Artichoke.png Roasted Artichoke Day: 36% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 36% Chance to cause chill on crit
70 30m Bowl of Spicy Veggie Chili.png Bowl of Spicy Veggie Chili +40 Ferocity
Day: 18% Chance to cause Burning on Critical Hit
Night: 18% Chance to Steal Life on Critical Hit
80 30m Ghost Pepper Popper.png Ghost Pepper Popper Day: 40% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 40% Chance to cause chill on crit
80 30m Bowl of Fire Veggie Chili.png Bowl of Fire Veggie Chili +50 Ferocity
Day: 20% Chance to cause Burning on Critical Hit
Night: 20% Chance to Steal Life on Critical Hit

Cosmetics affected by day-night state[edit]

Mount appearances[edit]

The following mount skins have different appearances during day and night states:

Weapon appearances[edit]

The following weapons have different appearances during day and night states:

In some zones, the weapon appearances will not automatically change state when day changes to night or vice versa. Reentering the zone will cause the weapon to display the correct state.

Sylvari glow[edit]

Primary article: Physical appearance/Sylvari

Sylvari will glow when in the night state. This glow appears gradually during dusk, and disappears gradually during dawn. For playable characters, the color and intensity of the glow is set during character creation.


Primary article: Customized soundtrack

For players who customize their in-game music, many explorable zones that use the default Ambient playlist during the day state will switch to the NightTime playlist in the night state.


  • Though the day-night cycle has been present in the game since launch, "Tyrian Time" was not introduced until September 2019, when it was added as part of Prologue: Bound by Blood. Tyrian Time was added as an option to the in-game clock as part of the October 1, 2019 update.
  • Kraitkin, the legendary trident, was originally assumed to have a different appearance at night, as its eels would become petrified and emit a faint but noticeable light-green glow, along with an aura of bubbles that would appear around the whole trident. This was eventually removed, and later confirmed to be a bug.[2]

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