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Beacons of Koda

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Beacons of Koda

Beacons of Koda is a meta event that takes place in Bitterfrost Frontier that focuses on the nine Braziers of Koda that contain Koda's Flame and keeping them lit.

Dynamic events[edit]


  • This meta event is similar to the The Silverwastes and Dry Top's meta events in that it takes place over the entire map, but is not a map meta event.
  • At least one Brazier must be lit to spawn Jormag's champions.
  • Similarly, chests will only spawn if at least one brazier is lit.
  • Unlike other open world zones, Bitterfrost Frontier's day-night cycle is tied to the Beacons of Koda meta event.
    • Specifically, the cycle will start at dawn (5 AM Tyrian Time) at normal rate until “Storm arrives in” between 1 and 3 PM1 . The time will then skip to 8 PM and progresses for exactly 5 minutes to 9 PM.
      • 1 "Storm Arrives in" used to be at 1 PM but has been changed to occur between 1 and 3 PM
    • Jormag’s Fury will begin next and the time will now skip to 9 PM; remaining frozen until Defeat Jormag's Champion is over.
    • After all of Jormag's Champions are killed, the time will skip to 5 AM and the cycle will repeat.
    • Consequently, the day-night cycle in Bitterfrost will not be synchronized with the rest of Tyria.
  • The full meta cycle is about 1 hour, the exact time is variable.
    • The clear skies portion lasts between 50 and 55 minutes.[verification requested]
    • Jormag's Fury timer takes about 5 minutes, the speed affected by number of lit beacons (more lit beacons, faster the bar progresses).
    • The champion segment lasts until nine champions are slain.