Thousand Seas Pavilion

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Thousand Seas Pavilion

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Thousand Seas Pavilion map.jpg
Map of Thousand Seas Pavilion


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Loading screen


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The Black Lion Trading Company has just opened a brand-new luxury lounge in Cantha! Enjoy the view, relax on the beach, and take advantage of all the conveniences you need in one exclusive location.

Official description

The Thousand Seas Pavilion is a beautiful isle and a safe haven, adrift within the Mists[1], originally being a Canthan location that somehow ended up there.[2] It features most services, crafting stations and many fishing holes, and is unusual amongst lounges in that it exists within its own unique map.

Getting there[edit]

Access requires one of the two types of Thousand Seas Pavilion Pass:

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Thousand Seas Pavilion Waypoint —

Interactive map[edit]



Black Lion Chest Merchant.png Black Lion Representative [Black Lion Chest Merchant]
Guild Trader (map icon).png Black Lion Representative [Exchange Specialist]
Makeover Preview (map icon).png Black Lion Representative [Makeover Preview]
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Black Lion Representative [Weapons Specialist]
Activity (map icon).png Guest Elder [Activity]
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Guest Elder [Laurel Merchant]
Research Merchant (map icon).png Guest Elder [Research Merchant]
Jade Bot Workbench (map icon).png Jade Bot Workbench [Jade Bot Workbench]
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Jade Fixer [Reinforce Armor]
Mystic Forge.png Mystic Forge Attendant [Mystic Forge Merchant]
Bank (map icon).png Pavilion Elder [Bank]
Trading Post (map icon).png Pavilion Elder [Trading Post]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Peddler [Fishing Supplies]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Peddler [Fishmonger]
Dungeon Merchant (map icon).png Visiting Trader [Dungeon Merchant]
Gathering Merchant (map icon).png Visiting Trader [Gathering Merchant]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Visiting Trader [Merchant]

Master crafters[edit]

Armorsmithing Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Armorsmith]
Artificing Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Artificer]
Cooking Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Chef]
Huntsman's Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Huntsman]
Jeweling Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Jeweler]
Leatherworking Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Leatherworker]
Tailoring Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Tailor]
Weaponsmithing Station (map icon).png Pavilion Disciple [Master Weaponsmith]

Guild services[edit]

Guild Banker (map icon).png Pavilion Elder [Guild Bank]
Guild Commendation Trainer (map icon).png Pavilion Elder [Guild Commendation Trader]




Ambient creatures


Crafting stations

Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Mysterious Waters Fish


Pavillion Screenshots
Mystic Forge transformations

Related achievements[edit]


  • Since the November 8th, 2022 update the map will be set to the correct map layer when clicking a waypoint or point of interest in chat while in the Pavilion.
  • It is not possible to park characters in the Pavilion and then transfer the pass to other characters via the bank. Upon logging back onto the character without a pass, they will be expelled from the map.
    • Placing the permanent pass into a Shared Inventory Slot will allow all characters simultaneous access to the Pavilion.
  • It is possible to waypoint out of the Pavilion by navigating to the lower layers of the world map.
  • Unlike other passes, this pass also allows for fast travel to Eye of the North.
  • Selecting "Return to my previous map" from the portals will teleport you to your exact previous location; for example, the end of a jumping puzzle you were at. The same is true when using the pass again.
  • The map doesn't have the day and night cycle and it is constantly 12:00 noon of Tyrian time. Thus, it's impossible to catch night fish.
    • It is also impossible to catch Ascended or Legendary fish here.
  • Jumping into the Mystic Forge will transform you into a random water-based creature. Despite transforming into aquatic creatures, some transformations (for example largos and naga) will disappear if you enter water.
    • Hovering over the Mystic Forge on a flying mount will cause you to rise into the air as though on an updraft.
Mechanically, the API lists the map as being in Cantha, but geographically it is currently in the Mists, as confirmed by the devs and in-game passes. The character background is also that of the Mists maps, and is similar in this case to the Mistlock Sanctuary, which also has an instanced, separated map, which mechanically appears near Lion's Arch but is in the Mists. On the world map the island is located just above Seitung Province, but appears fogged/unexplored and cannot be entered without using the pass from your inventory. The world map can be accessed from within, however, via the map slider function.


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  2. ^ Dev comment by Stéphane Lo Presti