Lion's Arch Exterminator

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Karka Hatchlings — single entities are hiding

Lion's Arch Exterminator is an Explorer achievement that requires the player to find fifty Karka Hatchlings throughout Lion's Arch.


This achievement rewards items. Lion's Arch Exterminator Explorer Central Tyria mastery point 10Achievement points
Find Turl Sharptooth in the Commodore's Quarter, and use one of his special rifles to deal with the karka hatchling infestation.
Reward: Princess.pngPrincess

50 Hatchlings Exterminated 10Achievement points


Turl Sharptooth's location

Find Turl Sharptooth in the Commodore's Quarter, and talk to him to obtain one of his special rifle to deal with the Karka Hatchling infestation. After you accept the rifle, stop and look on the wall to his left - before you shoot it, review the comments below on appearance and sound of the hatchlings. The rifle is a bundle, and stays equipped as you move both while underwater and swimming on the surface (i.e. it can be used when the skillbar is hidden, but remember what button is shoot (default is "1")). If you have mounts, you can mount and dismount without losing the rifle. It is also possible to waypoint teleport within Lion's Arch and not lose the rifle bundle. Should you lose the rifle, like by dropping the bundle, by dying, by disconnecting, or by leaving Lion's Arch, you can get another by speaking to Turl Sharptooth again.

This achievement is a mix between a jumping puzzle and scavenger hunt which gets your character into more remote and odd corners of Lion's Arch. There's times when your character may get jammed in between landscape features and not be able to get out, unless with a teleport or by using a waypoint (keep this in mind as it may save a lot of stress).

This is an achievement where your settings can ease or increase difficulty. If you've set your camera show the widest field of view, your character's body may sometimes get in the way. If you've set the game's level of detail to low for performance reasons, then you may need to change your settings to make terrain details more defined, in order to make it easier to see the hatchlings from the environment.

Achievement progress can be tracked on the "Lion's Arch Exterminator" achievement page in the "Explorer" sub-category in the "General" category in the achievement panel.

Karka hatchling locations[edit]

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Karka Hatchlings are spread throughout the city in various hidden places, and your job is to find them in unique non-repeating locations where you cannot shoot the same location hatchling location twice (they are no longer seen once shot; they are gone). Finding and shooting all fifty of them completes the achievement. Be prepared as earning this achievement can be an involved and longer task which makes you earn that reward, even with the helpful hints provided below for each hatchling location.

The Karka Hatchlings should all appear consistent size and shape. After you accept the rifle from Turl Sharptooth and start the achievement, stop and look on the wall to his left as there's a sample of what you should be seeking (size and shape). Look at that un-hidden hatchling, and familiarize yourself with this one which is not hidden at all, as doing so can really help you understand what you are seeking for those well-hidden hatchlings later. Before shooting it, maybe use that one to adjust your sound settings (see next paragraph), and then it's first one you can shoot, which is the sixth one in the list below (Commodore's Arch: Easy Pickings)

The Karka Hatchlings make a loud tapping or chittering sound, which can easily be heard with the environment volume turned up and only while the rifle is equipped. The sound is sometimes partially masked by other loud environmental noises like waterfalls. You may want to adjust the sound settings for that first hatchling before shooting it, using it as a way to adjust your sound settings so you can hear the hatchlings when close (and with rifle equipped).

The table below contains a list of all 50 hatchling locations in the order they appear in the achievement panel in-game. However, they are not necessarily in the ideal order which you'd actually do the hunting or fastest work on this achievement. For convenience, here are the numbered locations grouped by area:

Collectible Type Subtype Map Location Description Notes


  • Even though there is a karka hatchling in Farshore Ward (hidden behind rocks in front of the bridge leading to Deverol Gardens), it doesn't make any sound nor can it be killed with the rifle. It is unknown whether it was intended to be part of the achievement or if its presence here is purely for lore's purposes.
  • Another karka hatchling that doesn't make any sound is located inside the underground cave bar at the Western Ward. It resides behind some rocks where a passed out Citizen is lying on the ground.

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