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Lion's Arch Exterminator is an Explorer achievement that requires the player to find fifty Karka Hatchlings throughout Lion's Arch.


Lion's Arch Exterminator Explorer Central Tyria mastery point 10Achievement points
Find Turl Sharptooth in the Commodore's Quarter, and use one of his special rifles to deal with the karka hatchling infestation.
Reward:Princess.png Princess
50 Hatchlings Exterminated 10Achievement points


Turl Sharptooth's location

Find Turl Sharptooth in the Commodore's Quarter, and talk to him to obtain one of his special rifle to deal with the Karka Hatchling infestation. After you accept the rifle, stop and look on the wall to his left - before you shoot it, review the comments below on appearance and sound of the hatchlings. The rifle is a bundle, and stays equipped as you move both while underwater and swimming on the surface (i.e. it can be used when the skillbar is hidden, but remember what button is shoot (default is "1")). If you have mounts, you can mount and when un-mounts, the rifle should still be equipped. It is possible to waypoint teleport within Lion's Arch (zone) and not lose the rifle bundle. Should you lose the rifle, like by dropping the bundle, by dying, by disconnecting, or by leaving Lion's Arch (zone), you will have to claim a new one from Turl Sharptooth all over again just like at start. Track your progress using the list of all 50 hatchling locations on the achievements page for the specific "Lion's Arch Exterminator" under "Explorer" sub-category under the "General" category under "Hero" for your character. You can interrupt progress on this achievement without penalty.

Really this achievement is a mix between a jumping puzzle and scavenger hunt which gets your character into more remote and odd corners of the Lion's Arch area. There's times when your character may get jammed in between landscape features and not be able to get out, unless teleport (keep this in mind as it may save a lot of stress).

This is an achievement where your settings can ease or increase difficulty. Sometimes while searching, your character's body may be in the way, if you've set your view (or "camera" as listed in "control options") to show the widest view. If you've set the level of detail to a low level in order to simplify view refresh, then you may need to change your settings to make terrain details more defined, in order to make it easier to see the hatchlings from the environment.

Karka hatchling locations[edit]

Mini Karka Hatchlings.png Karka Hatchlings are spread throughout the city in various hidden places, and your job is to find them in unique non-repeating locations where you cannot shoot the same location hatchling location twice (they are no longer seen once shot; they are gone). Finding and shooting all fifty of them completes the achievement. Be prepared as earning this achievement can be an involved and longer task which makes you earn that reward, even with the helpful hints provided below for each hatchling location.

The Karka Hatchlings should all appear consistent size and shape. After you accept the rifle from Turl Sharptooth and start the achievement, stop and look on the wall to his left as there's a sample of what you should be seeking (size and shape). Look at that un-hidden hatchling, and familiarize yourself with this one which is not hidden at all, as doing so can really help you understand what you are seeking for those well-hidden hatchlings later. Before shooting it, maybe use that one to adjust your sound settings (see next paragraph), and then it's first one you can shoot, which is the sixth one in the list below (Commodore's Arch: Easy Pickings)

The Karka Hatchlings make a loud tapping or chittering sound, which can easily be heard with the environment volume turned up and only while the rifle is equipped. The sound is sometimes partially masked by other loud environmental noises like waterfalls. You may want to adjust the sound settings for that first hatchling before shooting it, using it as a way to adjust your sound settings so you can hear the hatchlings when close (and with rifle equipped).

The following is a list of all 50 hatchling locations in the order they appear on the Achievements page:

# Location Description Hints Image
1 White Crane Terrace Explore the cavern where the skritt buys your globby purple stuff. Hints: Hatchling is on the roof of the cave beyond Apprentice Mekteki (the Apprentice Mekteki page describes how to reach them from a water entrance) - but watch out as head to the back, for there's a ledge drop-off into a deeper portion of the cave at the back (which is near difficult to get out once in if slid down the edge and stuck in between larger rocks where cannot jump out or mount; it may be easier to just teleport to the Diverse Ledges Waypoint, and dive back in coming from the water entrance). You don't have to go off the ledge to see the hatchling, which is not directly above you but more straight out and slightly up. An alternate path t the hatchling is the land side entrance which is behind the waterfall seen from the sea, where the beach slopes up to shrubs and a cave entrance; the entrance is the far end of the back of the cave, past the ledge drop-off, and will not allow you to reach Apprentice Mekteki, yet can still see and shoot the hatchling. Lion's Arch Exterminator 1.jpg
2 White Crane Terrace Peer down at the boulders where the ledges are diverse. Hints: Reach this hatchling location by climb up around the hill east of Diverse Ledges Waypoint. This location and next location are very close together, so read both hint blocks. Just before last couple jumps to the top, look across the path you climbed toward the waypoint. The karka is in the small grassy area below; you may need to jump onto the small ledge north of the top if the karka is beyond shooting distance. If you jump to the grassy flat space farther to the west, you will hit the edge of the allowed movement in this zone, and may fall down right near the hatchling to your right-side. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 2.jpg
3 White Crane Terrace Hop high in the diverse rocks. Hints: Reach this hatchling location by climb up around the hill east of Diverse Ledges Waypoint. From the pillar/platform at the eastern-most part of the path to the top the karka can be seen and shot when facing toward the ectoplasm merchant (WSW). This one seems a little more difficult than some of the others, as you have to really search to find the correct spot, so use the picture and your vista to compare the edge of rock shape/pattern, to help you. As you head up the trail and are in between high pillars on both sides, you will had southerly where can see out over the ocean to south; stop, as the hatchling is actually above you on your left-side but cannot be seen from below. The trail goes to the left, past a touch and should see a "lost rat"; out to the east the vista may appear like the provided hint picture, but it's not from there but higher up. Follow the hint of a trail up to the left more, circling around where you need to get to the top of the eastern-most pillar which has several palm shrubs and other plants plus grass. Head west slowly, don't fall off, to the edge (note this is where can jump farther west, hit the end of the zone, and fall next to the second hatchling, above); turn back to east and notice a slightly lower rectangular rock to your right, and to the right of that is another parallel tab-like part (yet above the trail where you stopped to see sea to south). The hatchling is in a groove between the grassy pillar top and that rectangular spot, which is too far below for a normal character to jump back up onto the grass. This is one that is helped by the sound. Shoot it and jump down to trail right near where you first saw the southern sea vista. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 3.jpg
4 White Crane Terrace The Priory's bed bugs prefer bunks. Hints: Travel to the Durmand Priory Research Site, north of Diverse Ledges Waypoint and down on the beach, and go into the tent. The hatchling is located underneath the bunk bed, but it's near impossible for average to tall races to get it from the front, so go to the back and look under the corner farthest from the door of the tent. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 4.jpg
5 White Crane Terrace Stop and smell the flowers between the magisters and the memorial. Hints: Look at the shrubbery in between Shuttered Gate and Field of the Fallen. It's easiest to find the location if start at the Field of the Fallen, head southerly through the archway which places you in between the two ramps heading northerly, then pass the Memorial Guard pair at the end of the ramp. At the left or east of that location is a space between rock piles, which heads to the beach; more past that heading southerly, then get close to the rocks on your left or east and head slightly uphill around the large rock, where you turn easterly on a flat space and should see palm shrubs on the edge of the ledge. Hatchling is right in edge of rock under palm shrubs. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 5.jpg
6 Commodore's Quarter Easy pickings. Hints: This one is on the wall directly next to Sharptooth. If this one isn't obvious when you start, then you need to read the wiki pages carefully and study what a hatchling looks like, in order to have less problems with this achievement - or you're going to hate this achievement. Lion's Arch Exterminator 6.jpg
7 Commodore's Quarter Head up the ramp between the crate and barrel. Hints: Starting at the festival merchant in Commodore's Quarter, go up a ramp to your left where there are two skritt and a bunch of barrels and crates. Jump over a barrel in the back. To get to the correct ramp, on the street running east-to-west, on north or back side of the Order of Whispers headquarters, head west past the Consortium offices on north side of street, and at the west end the street goes down steps, then turns to north; on the outside of the curve is the "ship hull" housing, and the street narrows as now is north to south heading, yet on west side is ramp heading directly into a hull plus a ramp heading up to a higher hull and heading southerly. Head up that ramp, look for the two skritt and barrels, listen for the hatchling, head to left of the skritt and behind them boxes and barrels where there's an aisle, and at the back is a space surrounded by boxes and barrels, which contains the hatchling that sporadically jumps up into better view; however, head directly to back wall and there's one barrel which you can jump over and be in the same space, and get it. Lion's Arch Exterminator 7.jpg
8 Postern Ward Keep your chin up on the way to revealing the secrets of Urmaug. In Urmaug's Secret jumping puzzle while working your way up to the east you will pass under a low-hanging ledge just before you would normally head right/north through a northern corridor to the Splendid Chest. You need to jump onto the ledge you passed under on the southwest and head to its southwestern end, then jump to the small ledge to the southeast, and finally long jump to ledge at the back. The karka is above to the east. Note: the "jump onto the ledge" above is very difficult; alternatively, you can just climb onto rocks on the east side and get as far back as you can until you see the smaller ledge to the south to jump to. Then jump from the smaller ledge all the way to the back of the cavern, as far back as you can see. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 8.jpg
9 Commodore's Quarter Search high in the houses that were hulls. Hints: Start from the Commodore's Quarter Waypoint (northwest of the Lion's Arch map), go south-west down the street to the lowest intersection (with the street running east to west behind the Orders of Whispers headquarters, where the west side is a stairway up into a cross-section of old ship hull. Take a ramp to the second level, where on the south side there's an open door/room. The karka is in that small room up near the ceiling, on side to hall/platform. Lion's Arch Exterminator 9.jpg
10 Commodore's Quarter Take a close look at the salty pirate merchant's stash. Hint: Jump over the boxes behind merchant Salty Emil (Salty Emil is a merchant in the Western Ward) and you will find a tunnel. Trick is you have to jump a bit higher than the boxes because the opening is higher and to the right side of the center behind the boxes, and the space ("hole" or doorway in) is not tat large. Head in and back; Once you reach the end of the tunnel, there's a rough ledge which you can jump up onto it; look up for the karka which is on side towards the direction from which you came. Lion's Arch Exterminator 10.jpg
11 Commodore's Quarter Search for bugs in lofty beds. Head up the stairs to the west/left of Turl Sharptooth into the house. Go into the upstairs main bedroom. This karka is in this room between the wall and the bed on the east side. Lion's Arch Exterminator 11.jpg
12 Commodore's Quarter Jump around to find this karka in a lofty bedroom. Head up the stairs to the west/left of Turl Sharptooth into the house. Go into the upstairs main bedroom. This karka is in the second bedroom next to a dresser. You can get into the second bedroom by jumping left around the wall on the open, east side (wouldn't want to have to use a door!). Lion's Arch Exterminator 12.jpg
13 Commodore's Quarter Take aim at the flowers over the door. From the Commodore's Quarter Waypoint head southwest to the street, then hook right into the dead-end stairwell just to the west of Commodore's Quarter Waypoint. The karka is above and left of the door you should now be facing. If you stand back a ways you can occasionally see the karka jump above the left-most bracket. Stand at the door's left corner and aim almost directly up, between the two brackets on the left side of the flower bed. (Note: If you're having trouble, this GIF will show you how to hit the karka.) Lion's Arch Exterminator 13.jpg
14 Eastern Ward Find this thirsty karka in the Lion's Shadow. Not accessible by day - see timer below for access times. Under the Lion's Shadow inn and through the tunnel, in the second animal stall to the left, in the water trough. Lion's Arch Exterminator 14.jpg
15 Postern Ward Check above Urmaug's crates. At the fork within the cave on the path to Urmaug's Secret jumping puzzle, take a right, go to the back room, and stand on the chest. From atop the chest you should be able to see and target the karka on the upper ledge across the room. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 15.jpg
16 Eastern Ward This karka is a little too shy to dance in the Lion's Shadow. Not accessible by day - see timer below for access times. Under the inn and through the tunnels to the dance floor. Face the way you came in and look at the ledge to your right. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 16.jpg
17 Eastern Ward Take care of the inn's bed bug infestation. Not accessible by day - see timer below for access times. Upstairs in the Inn behind the headboard of the bed in the corner. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 17.jpg
18 Eastern Ward No amount of butter will make this karka taste like crab. Head southwest from the Eastern Ward Waypoint to a stream beneath a bridge - target is behind the rocks and in the water. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 18.jpg
19 Eastern Ward Beat the bushes near the bed and breakfast. South of the Eastern Ward Waypoint between the bridge and the bushes. Look down into the bushes on the next ledge. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 19.jpg
20 Postern Ward Search the steps near the ogre's cavern. Under the rock steps to the north of the waterfall in the northeast corner of the map. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 20.jpg
21 Postern Ward Find this karka bathing in the shade. In a crevice underneath two boulders at the mouth of the river to the northwest of the Guild Bluff Waypoint. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 21.jpg
22 Postern Ward Back float beneath the arches. Under the first arch of the bridge to the west of the Guild Bluff Waypoint. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 22.jpg
23 Eastern Ward Find this karka under rock and over water. Under the natural stone arch just east of the vista directly above the words Inner Harbor. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 23.jpg
24 Inner Harbor Find a shelf below the garden island. On the west side of the Deverol Gardens where you see a tree on a rock pillar, drop down on the low ledge between the pillar and the garden (or jump to the tree's pillar and then to the ledge); note that this is not the ledge immediately under the garden wall, but a lower, smaller ledge. Look on a shelf under the garden. Also note that although clearly visible, this karka may be hard to target; try to find a good position. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 24.jpg
25 Bloodcoast Ward Look low in the cave under three falling streams. Go behind the waterfall southwest of Farshore Waypoint. Look up and behind the vines on your left (east). Lion's Arch Exterminator 25.jpg
26 Bloodcoast Ward Hunt high in the cave under the three falling streams. Go behind the waterfall southwest of Farshore Waypoint. Look up near where the water falls into the cave. Lion's Arch Exterminator 26.jpg
27 Bloodcoast Ward This karka has taken root at the top of a waterfall. From Farshore Waypoint, proceed as you would be going to the Sharkmaw Cavern jumping puzzle Weyandt's Revenge. In the first area just past the hay bales, go down the hill and jump down to the big tree on a ledge. Look under the tree. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 27.jpg
28 Sharkmaw Caverns Scour the dark, misty corners. After the initial fall down the waterfall in the Sharkmaw Cavern jumping puzzle, enter the first pool and swim to the south-eastern corner. Look west at the underside of the rock above you. (When on the surface of the water while skills appear inaccessible, if you press the shortcut button for skill slot 1, typically the 1 key on a keyboard, you can still shoot.) Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 28.jpg
29 Commodore's Quarter Smell the flowers, buy a gift, exterminate a bug. In front of the Birthday Vendor there is a set of stairs. The karka is behind the flowerpots to the west/left of the stairs. Lion's Arch Exterminator 29.jpg
30 Commodore's Quarter Rednax keeps losing his staring contest with this karka. Stand at the top of the steps that Legendary Collector Youngblood is facing. Looking south (down the steps), the karka is on the wooden ledge above the steps. Lion's Arch Exterminator 30.jpg
31 Western Ward Get below decks at the Crow's Nest. The karka is under the Crow's Nest building's circular balcony, just to the north of the balcony circle's center (east/left of the hanging basket). This can be seen from ground level near Marcello DiGiacomo. To get in range to shoot carefully jump from circular blacony onto horizontal beam, then drop down onto net below. Alternatively, you can fall from the beam onto the top of the rocks. You can shoot it from there. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 31.jpg
32 Western Ward Check the cave filled with lanterns and libations. Go to Trader Jikk's bar. Standing in front of the kegs to the west of the bartender should allow you to find the karka that is behind some leaves. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 32.jpg
33 Western Ward Even the tiny karka can't find its way into this house with a view. Go west from the Sanctum Harbor Waypoint. Go down the stairs through an arch pillar to the edge of the water. The karka is on the north face of the northern arch pillar. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 33.jpg
34 White Crane Terrace Search near the skritt's subterranean rowboat. After surfacing from the underwater entrance to the ectoplasm merchant, climb the big central rock and look at the weeds hanging from the ceiling right of the waterfall. The karka is not easy to see or hear; you can find it behind the curtain of the weeds. Note: You might need to hide your chat window to see it. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 34.jpg
35 Sanctum Harbor You'll have a better chance spotting this karka in the fog than a sailor would. There are 4 columns on the lighthouse. Swim on the surface to the northern-most column. Swim around the column, then swim under water to access the small passage that leads underneath the lighthouse. Go to the back of the passage and look up between the rocks to find the karka. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 35.jpg
36 Sanctum Harbor Search the nest where the phoenix roosts. At the lighthouse go up the ramp until you get to the north side for the first time. Look across the inside of the lighthouse to the right of the central device. It's barely visible on a narrow interior ramp. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 36.jpg
37 Sanctum Harbor Go under the bridge, then head toward the light. Search under the bridge midway between Claw Island Portage Waypoint and the lighthouse; the bridge is just below a waterfall. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 37.jpg
38 Sanctum Harbor Search behind the falls beneath the bridge. Look in the cave behind the bottom of the waterfall under the bridge midway between Claw Island Portage Waypoint and the lighthouse. Look up behind the vines. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 38.jpg
39 Sharkmaw Caverns Someone swore they saw a karka walk through a wall. In the second fake wall in the maze of the Sharkmaw Cavern jumping puzzle. Before entering the wall aim at the bottom left corner of the wall. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 39.jpg
40 Sharkmaw Caverns Search for the showering karka. During the Sharkmaw Cavern jumping puzzle before you enter the section with the traps, look behind the waterfall that is just to the right of the entrance stairs. Stand in the waterfall and look down. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 40.jpg
41 Sharkmaw Caverns Don't get skewered hunting this karka kabob. Halfway down the first hallway of the traps section of the Sharkmaw JP, stop under the arch and turn around. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 41.jpg
42 Sharkmaw Caverns Search the spray above the bones. After the traps section of the Sharkmaw JP, proceed toward the dark room, but stop on the ledge just after crossing the next waterfall and look back at the cascade (right side). Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 42.jpg
43 Sharkmaw Caverns You might starve tracking this karka. Finish the dark room of the Sharkmaw JP, and after you jump off the final waterfall (take the right mouth), turn around and look up to find this last karka. You may have an easier time seeing it by going to the back of the next waterfall cave (north corner); turn toward the mouth of the room and look about 45 degrees up. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 43.jpg
44 Commodore's Quarter Find this karka celebrating in a cubicle. South of Commodore's Quarter Waypoint in the Consortium office the karka is behind a blue flag/sign. You can get it by aiming at the middle of the sign, which seems to bell out from the wall. Note: The tooltip on the achievement page describes this location as Grand Piazza. Lion's Arch Exterminator 44.jpg
45 Inner Harbor Snipe from the chapel island to have a chance at this karka. Step past the Marriner Plaque on Deverol Gardens and look southeast towards the Farshore Waypoint. The karka hides in the bushes atop a rock pillar. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 45.jpg
46 Eastern Ward Search the eaves of a gate near the gates. Go east from Coriolis Plaza. After passing through the first arch, stand near the left wall under the wooden bridge arching over the passage. From there look toward the second arch at the window facing north on the underside of that window's eave. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 46.jpg
47 Trader's Forum The bankers have an eye on this karka. On the back side of the bank, face the bank and move back and left from the water bucket until you can see the hatchling in a nook up near the glass octopus head. Aim above the karka to hit it. Perhaps an easier shot is from the top of the shorter, pointy white rock. Use your springer to get up, dismount, and stand on the point of the rock, then aim and fire from there. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 47.jpg
48 Eastern Ward There's no location too secure for a karka. In the first room of The Vaults with all the weapons specialists, go to the third arch on the right and look up. Lion's Arch Exterminator Karka 48.jpg
49 Sanctum Harbor Haul in a fresh karka catch. On the docks south of Grand Piazza, jump onto the fisherman's boat and face the docks. Aim at the upper left corner of the nets hanging down. Lion's Arch Exterminator 49.jpg
50 White Crane Terrace Squeeze into stony confines near the door to the dominion. Hug the wall north of the Shuttered Gate. It will be between a boulder and the wall. Lion's Arch Exterminator 50.jpg


  • Even though there is a karka hatchling in Farshore Ward (hidden behind rocks in front of the bridge leading to Deverol Gardens), it doesn't make any sound nor can it be killed with the rifle. It is unknown whether it was intended to be part of the achievement or if its presence here is purely for lore's purposes.
  • Another karka hatchling that doesn't make any sound is located inside the underground cave bar at the Western Ward. It resides behind some rocks where a passed out Citizen is lying on the ground.

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