Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal

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Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal

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Map of Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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Defeat Mai Trin, leader of the Aetherblades.

— In-game description

The Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal is a boss fractal in Fractals of the Mists that reprises the fight against Mai Trin from the hidden Aetherblade base. This fractal is available at Fractal levels 18, 42, 71 and 95.


  • Red Boss.png Explore the Aetherblade hideout and track down Mai Trin.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Defeat the gate guards.
    • Inquest Technician
      Event bar.jpgRed Boss.png
    • Inspector Ellen Kiel
      Event bar.jpgRed Shield.png
  • Red Boss.png Defeat Mai Trin and her forces.
    • Defeat Captain Mai Trin and First Mate Horrik.
    • Captain Mai Trin
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Red Boss.png You've successfully apprehended Mai Trin, ending her reign of terror.


Primary article: Fractals of the Mists#Rewards


The fractal starts with a short battle with Aetherblade and Inquest guards, including a Champion Inquest Technician. After the guards are defeated, the party enters a docking platform, where they confront the Aetherblade leader Captain Mai Trin, First Mate Horrik, and the full might of Aetherblade artillery. Once anyone in the party enters the area, all party members are teleported inside. Mai Trin has a quick conversation with Horrik after entering before the fight begins.

Mai Trin[edit]

Defeating Mai Trin includes some special mechanics:

  • She begins the fight with 10 stacks of Captain's Shield, which reduces damage taken and condition duration by 10% per stack, so she is virtually invulnerable until at least one stack of that effect is removed.
  • The only way to remove this effect is to arrange for her to be hit by Horrik's electrostatic shots, i.e. cannon shots that appear with a blue AoE. The electrostatic shots pulse several times, and remove more stacks, per pulse, the lower the fractal level. Several stacks can be removed if Mai Trin is lured into a blue AoE and kept from leaving it. Mai Trin is still vulnerable to crowd control, so depleting her defiance bar while she is inside the electric field can greatly speed up the battle.
    • A small pulsing purple bomb will appear above a player's head shortly before the electrostatic shot is fired at them.
    • A small yellow pulsing red/normal bomb will appear above a player's head shortly before the standard bomb shot is fired at them.
  • NOTE: There are two different purple icons in this encounter. The fixate purple diamond means Mai Trin will tend to follow the player with it. The player with the purple diamond over their head will want to lure Mai Trin into the blue electrostatic AOE if possible.
  • At the same time, Horrik will also be using his other attacks, which can do decent damage to the party. Since he will use a melee AoE knockdown if players get too close to him, getting near him should be avoided so he never stops firing his cannon.

Mai Trin herself uses several attacks, including a projectile towards the player who is farthest away from her, shadow stepping her towards the player it hits and fixating her to them. Consequently, it helps for the party to remain close to her so that she is more likely to end up within range of the electrostatic shot AoE; the party can dodge out of the shots at the last moment. Individual and party-wide condition removal is essential, since she can also inflict multiple conditions at a time.

She will be more likely to target players that are not moving, the players farthest from her, and specially those reviving other players. Players are advised to be ready to use protection, condition removals, invulnerability effects or dodge away when reviving other players.

Inexperienced players will tend to try to fight from range, as they attempt to avoid her attacks. If that happens, experienced players should stack up with the ranged player, because that increases the chances that Mai Trin will get caught in Horrik's AoE and Mai Trin will ultimately step to the ranged player in any case. Try to break her defiance bar as often as possible to help land blue bomb shots, and to limit the party's exposure to her condition attacks.

Artillery barrage phase[edit]

At 75%, 50% and 25% health, Mai Trin will stop attacking and order Horrik to "Unleash the cannons". Mai Trin will leave the area and begin firing cannons with her other cannoneers. Horrik will remain. The party must lower Horrik's health by 25%, as they did with Mai Trin.

Soon after Mai goes up to the cannons, she will spawn three or more Aetherblade pirates to help Horrik deal with the player. If Horrik's health is depleted and Mai comes back before these additional pirates are taken care of, they each gain the Captain's Inspiration effect, dealing extra damage. It is recommended that the group use pulls to cleave out multiple opponents at once.

Once Horrik's health is depleted to 25%, Mai Trin will no longer have the shield effect on her.

Master Tier Fractal[edit]

In Master Tiers (Tier 4), three additional enemies will spawn after the third artillery barrage when Mai Trin reaches 25% health: Elite Boarder Zonn, Elite Boatswain Stormsplit, and Elite Sharpshooter Tarron. They can be a big nuisance if left alone, so refocusing attacks and eliminating them before finishing Horrik or Mai Trin makes the fight simpler. Tarron in particular deals a large amount of ranged damage, and should typically be focused out first.


Aetherblade Captain Stabilizer Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
You've completed the Captain Mai Trin boss fractal inside the Fractals of the Mists.Mai tried, but Trin didn't win. 1 Fractal 5Achievement points
Horrik's Horror Fractals of the Mists Central Tyria mastery point 5Achievement points
Defeat Mai Trin's 2nd-in-command.Horrik hit hard, but you hit harder. Defeat Horrik 5Achievement points







Entering the fractal
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Let's end this. Follow me!
Talking to Inspector Kiel
Mai Trin and her crew came through here. I've got a bad feeling about this, but at least you're here too. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png I'll take the lead.
Reaching the control panel
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Oh no. Not another control panel.
Talking to Inspector Kiel at entrance to docks
Behind this door is Mai Trin. Are you ready to face her?
Talk ready option.png Let's finish this.
Talk end option tango.png I need more time.
Entering the arena
One of the following:
Mai Trin: This has all gone to crud. Scarlet's gonna have my noggin for screwing up.
Mai Trin: Scarlet's gonna have my skull.
First Mate Horrik: What now, Captain? It'll take cannonballs to get out of here alive.
One of the following:
Mai Trin: Either way, I'm dead, so let's wind our springs and ride this escapement to the end.
Mai Trin: I'm dead either way. Might as well strap in for a decent fight.
First Mate Horrik: You got it. I'll undock the airships.
One of the following:
Mai Trin: You and your brothers give good battle, old friend. Now, let's dig in before they show. I'll raise the gangplanks.
Mai Trin: I'll raise the gangplanks.
At the start of the fight
Mai Trin: This is what your curiosity gets you.
When Mai is at 75%, 50%, and 25%
Mai Trin: Horrik! Unleash the cannons!
Champion First Mate Horrik: Aye, aye, Captain.
Lowering Horrik's health to 75%, 50% and 25%
Champion First Mate Horrik: Captain...
Mai Trin returning after Horrik reaches a health threshold
Mai Trin: No more half measures. All hands on deck!
When Mai is defeated
One of the following:
Mai Trin: Enough! You've won. Give me quarter and I'll tell you everything.
Mai Trin: Enough! You've won. Next time, just ask a little nicer.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Lionguard, take our intrepid airship captain into custody. Don't take your eyes off her.
Lionguard: On it, Investigator.
Dessa Observatin Mode: Hmm. I'm still confused about what these hooligans are doing, but it looks insidious. And who is this Scarlet? Come on through.

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