Phoenix Roost

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern point of interest. For the original version, see Lion's Gate (point of interest).

Phoenix Roost

Point of Interest
Sanctum Harbor
(Lion's Arch)
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Phoenix Roost (formerly Lion's Gate) is the newly rebuilt lighthouse of Lion's Arch. A diving board with Diving Goggles may be found at the top of the lighthouse.


The original Lion's Gate lighthouse that stood at this site once marked the entrance to the Sanctum Harbor, and following the Great Tsunami, it guided allies through the fog into the safety of the harbor and provided a lookout where sentries watched for Dead Ships. It stood as a symbol of resilience against Zhaitan and his Risen minions.

The lighthouse was refurbished in 1240 AE and again in 1250 AE, but in 1325 AE, the ancient karka attacked Lion's Arch and razed the lighthouse to its ancient foundations. A more modern replacement was built nearby, but the site of the original was still maintained and accessible.

Only two years later, as a result of the Battle for Lion's Arch in 1327 AE, the base of the original lighthouse was crushed under the Wreckage of the Breachmaker and its replacement was left standing crooked and threatening to fall. When Lion's Arch was rebuilt in 1328 AE, both sites were completely demolished and replaced by a new lighthouse, with the name being changed to Phoenix Roost. This new lighthouse bears a resemblance to a spiral seashell.


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  • The name, "Phoenix Roost", was selected through a poll by players between 19th and 23rd of May, 2015. Other options were "Graidy Lighthouse" and "Beacon Point".
  • Phoenix Roost also functions as a clock. It rings every 5 minutes[1], marking every in game hour of Tyria time and every 2 - 3 minutes[2], marking the half-hour of Tyria time. Every 2 hours, it plays a jingle of the Guild Wars 2 theme song[3], marking the beginning of in-game day (dawn) or night (dusk).