Priestess of Melandru (ghost)

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Priestess of Melandru was a human priestesses who followed the teachings of Melandru, and continues to do so in the afterlife.




Isn't this place lovely? It's such a worthy dedication to those who gave their lives to help Queen Salma retake her throne.
Talk more option tango.png It's beautiful, but it definitely looks aged.
What? It was just built a couple of years ago. This place is as pristine as it gets, and nothing will ever change that. I won't let it.
Talk more option tango.png I see... What year is it?
What kind of question is that? It's 1089. The sun is shining and Kryta has finally been unified behind the queen. After so much conflict, it's good to see things finally going our way.
Talk end option tango.png You couldn't be more correct. May Melandru guide you.
Talk end option tango.png Well, good luck.
Talk end option tango.png Indeed it is. Take care.


  • When she appears (only at night), players can escort her using an Ethereal Torch to a secret area in the eastern-most part of the area. Doing so and interacting with the chest at the end of her path will award the Not All Who Wander Are Lost hidden achievement.
    • There are rocks at the base of some of the trees along her path, and a gate at the end of the first part. Each rock must be lit once (use skill 1), the final one being at the gate. Failing to light a rock or the gate before she gets there will cause her to disappear. If that happens, she'll respawn a few minutes later back at the start of the escort.
      • The Skimmer trick does not work if you want the update for Aurora 1, you have to do the event to open the chest. Skimmer is fine just for getting the achievement though.
  • The gate closes after about 20 minutes.
  • You are able to attempt this multiple times during the night.

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