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Upper Commons

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Map of Upper Commons

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Location within The Grove


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The Upper Commons is the central section of The Grove's highest level, containing access to the Omphalos Chamber.


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Points of Interest
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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen: (sneeze) (sneeze) (sneeze) Ooh. There must be a cat nearby.
Citizen: (whistle)
Citizen: And to think, other races have been warring a hundred times longer than I've been alive.
Citizen: Don't let it discourage you.
Citizen: Every day, I wonder if the Wyld Hunt will call me.
Citizen: He was called on a Wyld Hunt last season. He completed his calling, and now he waits.
Mist Warrior: I've seen much, but never such amazing things as what I saw in the Mist War.
Citizen: I know you. Where have you been? I haven't seen you around in a long time.
Adventurer: I've been away, traveling across the land.
Citizen: Did you see anything interesting on your travels?
Adventurer: It was all interesting, from the centaurs of the west to the Dragonbrand in the east.
Citizen: What was your favorite of all the places you saw on your voyage?
Adventurer: Lion's Arch. It's an enormous, glorious city with a fascinating array of citizens.
Citizen: What was your least favorite place?
Adventurer: Hoelbrak, a city of norn, is covered in ice. It sapped my strength to be so cold all the time.
Citizen: Did you bring back any mementos?
Adventurer: I have gold coins from Lion's Arch. The market there is incredible.
Citizen (1): I feel the call, but the thought of leaving the Grove both thrills and terrifies me.
Citizen (2): We can learn a great deal from the Pale Tree's long roots and arching boughs.
Citizen (2): Though it stretches its limbs far overhead, it remains rooted, and it bends so as not to break.
Citizen (1): I want to go spy on them. What harm can it do?
Citizen (2): I'm willing to go, just not during the day. The hylek are most active then.
Citizen (2): We're strong in the dark, and you know it. We're both of the Cycle of Night.
Citizen (1): I know, but I'm afraid all we'll get to see are sleeping hylek. How boring!
Citizen (1): I may have to search in the darkest corners of the world, but I'm prepared.
Citizen (2): Why aren't you afraid? I sense no fear in you at all.
Citizen (1): I'm afraid. I just bury it deep, beneath the call of my purpose.
Citizen (1): I started warden training yesterday.
Citizen (2): So you won't be leaving the Grove after all? That's beautiful news.
Citizen (1): No, I changed my mind about leaving. Tomorrow, I may feel differently.
Citizen: It's so exciting to be here at the hub of it all! To see it all in one place, like Tyria's a spring blossom, opening its petals before me.
Citizen (1): Let's grab a nectar together later, okay?
Citizen (2): I'll look forward to it.
Citizen: My quest tugs at my heart.
Citizen: Only the most twisted plants grow in darkness, but grow, they do.
Citizen: No matter what, don't lose this land.
Citizen: Smell that? There's a hint of mint in the air.
Citizen: Something tells me we should work as a team.
Citizen (1): Somewhere out there, someone has more information on Ventari. I will find it if it's the last thing I do.
Citizen (2): Your quest is bold and important. I salute you.
Citizen: They say that failure makes you stronger.
Mist Warrior (human) approaches from north.
Mist Warrior (sylvari): The greatest adventure ever is under their noses. How can people just keep walking, talking, eating and sleeping?
Mist Warrior (human): Not everyone appreciates the opportunity to travel to the Mists. Others have no interest in making war.
Mist Warrior (sylvari): They haven't learned enough about the world yet to understand that it need to be defended. They'll be back.
Mist Warrior (human) heads back north.
Warden (1): It looks like rain!
Warden (2): You always say that.
Warden (1): They've got a fresh batch of cinnamon bread back at the meeting house.
Warden (2): I thought I sensed contentment.
Warden (1): Shhhh. Listen. Feel.
Warden (2): What?
Warden (1): Ah, there it is. The moment when night gives up its dominion, and day opens its eyes upon the world.
Warden (1): Day turns into night, Mister Morning Glory. Time to close your petals and sleep.
Warden (2): And you, Sir Jasmine, bloom at night, don't you? So, you must be here to relieve me.
Warden (1): (laughter) That I am. The light of the moon is my illumination on the Dream.
Warden (2): Dream well, then.
Warden: We rarely see humans here. What brings you to the Grove?
Human Traveler: Truth is, I... took a jig when I should've taken a jag. I was heading toward Lion's Arch.
Warden: You're way off track. I bet you can't even find your mouth when you're hungry!
Warden: Just joking.
Human Traveler: (laugh)
Warden: (laugh)
Mentor Arduine: Good morning, class.
Sapling (1): Greetings, Mentor.
Sapling (2): Good morning.
Sapling (3): Let the learning begin!
Mentor Arduine: We've reached the proper moment in your training to discuss the Ventari Tablet.
Mentor Arduine: Nothing is more central to our culture and our virtue.
Mentor Arduine: Who would like to describe their thoughts on the first tenet of Ventari's Tablet?
Sapling (1): It says, "Live life well and fully, and waste nothing."
Sapling (1): Ventari loved us, and so we should love ourselves. He's telling us we're worthy of life.
Sapling (1): We shouldn't waste our lives or ourselves. We should give our all.
Mentor Arduine: I cannot argue with that. Well done.
Mentor Arduine: Who will interpret the second of Ventari's tenets for us?
Sapling (2): The second tenet says, "Do not fear difficulty. Hard ground makes stronger roots."
Sapling (2): In other words, that which is gained through difficulty is a better prize than that which is gained easily.
Sapling (2): With opposition, we discover strengths we didn't know we had. The prize thus doubles in value.
Mentor Arduine: Excellent answer.
Mentor Arduine: The third of Ventari's tenets says, "The only lasting peace is the peace within your own soul."
Sapling (1): I know this one. It means that nobody else can make you happy. Only you can make you happy.
Sapling (3): It also means that, no matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself.
Mentor Arduine: (laugh)
Mentor Arduine: The fourth of Ventari's tenets states, "All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed."
Sapling (1): They can grow, but what about when the weeds start choking out the flowers?
Sapling (3): The right to grow isn't the right to kill. Brothers are not parasites. They grow side by side.
Sapling (2): And, if the weeds start choking flowers, you pluck them.
Mentor Arduine: Uh, that'll do, thank you.
Mentor Arduine: "Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow." What does the fifth of Ventari's tenets mean?
Sapling (1): If you've wronged someone or they've wronged you, don't leave it there.
Sapling (1): Extend your hand in either apology or forgiveness, and keep extending until the wrong is made right.
Mentor Arduine: "Act with wisdom, but act." What's the meaning behind the sixth tenet?
Sapling (3): That's obvious. The fastest route to failure is to do nothing at all.
Sapling (1): It's more than that. When you choose not to act, it's still and action. The choice is the action.
Sapling (1): Therefore, I think what it's saying is to think about what you're doing and choose wisely.
Mentor Arduine: The last of Ventari's tenets is often misunderstood. Who would care to discuss it?
Sapling (3): It says, " From the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain, where life goes- so, too, should you."
Sapling (3): It means that there's a big, wide world out there, just waiting for us to come and explore it.
Sapling (1): But it's also referring to the magical world, which is more internal, yet no less big.
Sapling (2): There is no greater mystery worth exploring than the self.
Mentor Arduine: Excellent, novices. You have performed beyond my expectations today. Go now. You've earned your rest.