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Ceremony of the Sacred Flame

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Ceremony of the Sacred Flame

Grothmar Valley
Event type
Meta event
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Ceremony of the Sacred Flame is a level 80 meta event that starts at Eternal Cauldron in Grothmar Valley at 2:00 Tyrian Time (25 minutes into nighttime) and rewards a Flame Legion Key. The goal is to light a large effigy which represents the past problems of the Flame Legion. By burning it away, they have cleared away their issues and can move on towards peace and cooperation with the other Charr legions.



Flame Legion is subduing the Sacred Flame
During the first part of this meta event, the goal is to damage the Champion Fire Elemental. Generally, this isn't too difficult. Before the start of the fight, you can mount up onto the Springer and then use the dismount skill to deal a large amount of CC at the start of the fight.
Flame Legion is carrying the Sacred Flame to the upper brazier
During the second part of this meta event, the goal is to light the upper brazier in front of the effigy. This is greatly helped by lighting the lower brazier first (the optional objective). First, pick up a torch from around the lit brazier. Then, light the torch with the sacred flame by getting close to the lit brazier. Once the torch is lit, a timer begins above the character's head in the form of a small bar which progresses from full and green to red and empty. The goal is to try to get the fire to the next brazier. It's pretty much impossible to get to the next brazier within the time limit since all skills are disabled except for those granted by the torch (throw and rush). Therefore, you need to throw the torch in front of you before you run out of time. Once you throw the torch, a fire field marked with a large red arrow above it temporarily appears at the location that the torch fell, and lasts a couple of seconds. If someone with a torch which is not lit steps into the fire field, their torch will be lit, and their timer will start. This chain can continue until the last person makes it to the next brazier. If each person throws their torch at the last second, then you only need to pass the fire once. If you do not use the Rush skill which grants swiftness, you will likely need to pass the fire twice to make it all the way to the brazier in time.
In summary: Person 1 lights torch at original brazier, runs with the swiftness granted from the Rush skill, then throws the torch when the bar above their head is at the last tick. Person 2 is waiting with an unlit torch ahead of Person 1. The second person with the unlit torch runs into the fire field, and then runs to the brazier with swiftness, lighting the brazier with either the interact key when they get there or via a throw targeting the brazier from afar.
Flame Legion is igniting the effigy
During the third part of this meta event, the goal is to topple the effigy. There are also champions spawning nearby, which are optional targets. In order to take down the effigy quickly, there are a couple of helpful things to keep in mind. First, if you do melee damage, it may be beneficial to stand between the effigy's legs in order to hit both at once, dealing double the damage. Second, Wild Flames, fire tornadoes, will spawn around the effigy and rove around during the fight. Standing in these tornadoes will lift you up into the air and set you on fire. Additionally, it grants you a special action skill, Return Fire, which deals a large amount of damage and applies Burning to the target. Using this skill will help deal lots of damage, whether to the effigy or the champions. One champion spawns as the effigy loses 25% of its health (ie: when effigy is at 75%, 50%, and 25% health), regardless of whether or not the previous champions are still present.

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


5 minutes before the meta begins, one of the following will be heard map-wide:

Minister of Morale: A bonfire of healing will rage soon at the Flame Legion camp! Join in, and burn away the past in the light of the future!
Minister of Morale: Let's commemorate the return of our Flame Legion sisters and brothers with a great conflagration!
Minister of Morale: The fires of unification have been lit! Head to the Flame Legion camp to bask in a renewed charr spirit!
Minister of Morale: Flame Legion sets things ablaze with truly feverish zeal! Don't miss this epic inferno. Head to their camp now!

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