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The Wyld Hunt is a highly important personal quest for the sylvari. Only a small percentage receive a calling to partake in the Wyld Hunt, which is unique to each sylvari. Those that are given a Wyld Hunt are called Valiants of the Wyld Hunt. The first hints of the Wyld Hunt may appear in the Dream of Dreams prior to their awakening, but few would recognize these hints. It is something that they are compelled to do by a "strange call in their souls." Most Valiants take their Wyld Hunt so seriously that they would die in service to this quest.

Wyld Hunts are described by sylvari as being like an itching feeling at the back of the neck that you cannot scratch until fulfilling the Wyld Hunt. Upon completing a Wyld Hunt, a sylvari may be given another one.

Sylvari outposts[edit]

The sylvari have established outposts and settlements throughout the Maguuma Jungle area, and sometimes these groups are referred to as Wyld Hunt, particularly in Sparkfly Fen, where they are leading the fight against the Risen. Some of these sylvari may not be Valiants themselves but work in a supporting role.


  • Sylvari player characters have a Wyld Hunt to defeat an Elder Dragon, as well as additional ones chosen by the biography questions.
  • So far Caithe is the only other sylvari known to have more than one Wyld Hunt, her first to slay Zhaitan and her second to protect Glint's Egg.

List of known Wyld Hunts[edit]

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  • The Wild Hunt has been mentioned in numerous real-world accounts of ancient folk lore from across Northern, Western and Central Europe. The myths typically deal with hunters being lost souls, deities, historical figures, spirits or fairies, madly chasing their quarry across the sky.

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