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Codename: R3D-RCR

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Inquest? I was, but no longer. Rata Primus was a wake-up call. I'm here to do my part.

Codename: R3D-RCR

Codename: R3D-RCR is an allied Inquest asura found patrolling corridors in Rata Primus, Eastern Complex, and Western Complex. She is accompanied by an allied Veteran Inquest Assassin and several hostile golems.

Following the Pact Commander's raid on Rata Primus and learning of the threat the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik poses to the world, the Inquest agent has a change of heart and, together with the golem MN-4C3, joins the Commander's allied forces in the assault on Kralkatorrik at Thunderhead Peaks.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]


  • R3D-RCR can be read as Red Racer.