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Olmakhan Earthstalker

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Olmakhan Earthstalker



Alt male variant.

File:Olmakhan Earthstalker (female).jpg

Female variant.


Alt female variant.

Olmakhan Earthstalker (male skimmer).jpg

Male Earthstalker on a skimmer.

Olmakhan Earthstalker (female skimmer).jpg

Female Earthstalker on a skimmer.

Olmakhan Earthstalkers are sword-wielding hunters of the Olmakhan tribe. Some can be found riding skimmers around Atholma.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Crystal Slash Crystal Slash - Strike your opponent with your serrated blade.
    • Crystalline Strike Crystalline Strike - Attack enemies with a second vicious attack.
      • Crystalline Sunder Crystalline Sunder - Unleash a final crushing blow.


An earthstalker guarding one of Atholma's entrances
I wish our skimmers were heavy enough to stomp on those beetle burrows...
Talk end option tango.png I might be able to help with that.