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Combat abilitiesEdit

Skills (Village of Smokestead)
  •   Net Turret - Turret. Build a net turret that immobilizes nearby foes. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
  •   Shrapnel Grenade - Throw grenades that explode in a hail of shrapnel, causing bleeding.


During Prevent a brawl between the three legions in Village of Smokestead
Iron! Iron! Iron!
  Take a breath! Iron Legion has more important things to do.
You don't know squat about what the Iron Legion has to do.
  I know they're building war machines we need to win our wars.
You're right. My work is never done. I should get to it.
  Glad I could help. Good-bye.
  I heard they have to practice their combat moves—a lot.
It's your day to die. (attacks)
  Come and get some.
  I've heard they have to practice their tip-toe sneaky moves. (Same result as "I heard they have to practice..." above)
  I thought Iron Legion soldiers weren't capable of fighting.
  This isn't my problem. Good-bye.
Upon being calmed during above event
I'm not involved anymore. Talk to someone else before this gets out of hand.
  I'll do what I can.
Talking to an Iron Legion Soldier at Sati Passage
Have to stay in fighting shape if we hope to win out over the Flame Legion.
  What do you mean?
Sparring! Keeps you fit. Keeps you ready for battle. What do you say? Up for a round or two?
  Let's do it!
  Not right now, but thanks for the offer.
  Sure do.
Splintercrest Fort
The thing about ogres is their breath could kill you. How about you? You ever gone up against one? If so, then you know what I mean.
  I know exactly what you mean. And, they drool when they get mad.
  I never have. I've still got that to look forward to. Later.
Splintercrest Fort during Help Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller assault Sootpan Kraal
They're not back yet, so I figure they probably decided to keep going. If you run, you can make it in time for the battle.
  I assume ogres are worthy foes?
They're big, strong, and not too dumb. What more could you ask? Some of them get ruthless. They provide enough challenge that we don't get bored.
  So you don't have any ogre allies?
Oh yeah, sure we do. Some of them are more useful than others. It pays to help them out. Don't worry. There are plenty more itching for a fight.
  Now that's what I like to hear. Point me their way. same as "Show me where to go!"
  If only I had time. For now, I have other responsibilities. Bye.
  Direct me to the action. I'm eager to go. same as "Show me where to go!"
  Fascinating. Thanks.
  Show me where to go!
You got it. Face north and keep going until you hear the sounds of battle. It won't take long to get there. The village is on your map.
  Thanks. I might bring you back a souvenir.
  What a shame. I don't have time right now.
Splintercrest Fort during Help Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller's assault on the Behemian Grand Kraal
They left a little while ago, heading north, toward the ogre village. If you hurry, I bet you could catch up.
  Do you raid ogres often?
As often as time allows, or whenever they start to annoy us. The entire area north-northwest of here is ripe with ogres. They've been pushing into our territory for years. We're pushing back.
  Don't you have any ogre allies?
Sure. They're not all bad. Some even elp us from time to time, and we help them. But there are othehrs who are just plain ornery. You'll know the difference when you see them. They'll either be beating on you or asking for your help.
  I'll keep that in mind. See you later.
  So, where are the ogres we're raiding? same as "Show me where to go!..."
  Good to know. Thanks.
  Show me where to go! I'm there!
Here. I'll mark it for you. Just head north, and you'll get there. Have fun!
  I plan to. Thanks.
  I wish I had time. I'll have to pass.
During Help Legionnaire Boneflayer crush the Renegades
The legionnaire is inside clearing out the renegade nest. As long as I'm here, your exit path will be secure.


Agro during brawl event
Why, I'm gonna...
Defeat during brawl event
No more. No more.