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Free Awakened

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Living World Season 4.

We've shed the chains of servitude for the promise of a new life. And we're grateful for the second chance.

Ambassador Sianna

The Free Awakened are a faction of Awakened who have chosen to embrace freedom after Palawa Joko's demise in the Battle of Gandara in 1331 AE. Their representative is Ambassador Sianna. Following the Death-Branded Shatterer's assault on the Fortress of Jahai and the attempts of a Joko imposter to sway them to keep fighting for Joko, several Free Awakened have relocated to Sun's Refuge while coming to terms with their freed existence and Joko's passing. Some Free Awakened have traveled to other corners of Elona such as the Necropolis to convince more Awakened to join their ranks while also attempting to have dialog with other Elonian factions at the Reclaimed Chantry.


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