Sentinel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription

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Sentinel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription.png

Sentinel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 400
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png 400
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png 400
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Used in the crafting of weapons with +Vitality, +Power, and +Toughness.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Location Cost
ACLM-0403 Mistlock Sanctuary 80 Silver coin + 
10 Guild Commendation.png
Guild Officer Guild Initiative Headquarters; Royal Terrace; Havoc's Heir; Noble's Folly 80 Silver coin + 
10 Guild Commendation.png
Guild Promoter Champion's Rest 80 Silver coin + 
10 Guild Commendation.png
High-Flying Frieda Lava Lounge 80 Silver coin + 
10 Guild Commendation.png
Yucel Bay of Elon 80 Silver coin + 
10 Guild Commendation.png
Tyrian Explorer Olread Trader's Forum 80 Silver coin + 
10 Guild Commendation.png

Contained in[edit]

Used in[edit]


Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Tonn's Sentinel Inscription.png Tonn's Sentinel Inscription
(Learned from: Recipe: Tonn's Sentinel Inscription)
GAscended ArtificerArtificer tango icon 20px.pngHuntsmanHuntsman tango icon 20px.pngWeaponsmithWeaponsmith tango icon 20px.png 500

Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Pearl Conch.png Sentinel's Pearl Conch FExotic 400
Pearl Quarterstaff.png Sentinel's Pearl Quarterstaff FExotic 400
Pearl Rod.png Sentinel's Pearl Rod FExotic 400
Pearl Trident.png Sentinel's Pearl Trident FExotic 400
Primordus Focus.png Sentinel's Primordus Focus FExotic 400
Primordus Scepter.png Sentinel's Primordus Scepter FExotic 400
Primordus Staff.png Sentinel's Primordus Staff FExotic 400
Primordus Staff.png Sentinel's Primordus Trident FExotic 400

Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Pearl Blunderbuss.png Sentinel's Pearl Blunderbuss FExotic 400
Pearl Brazier.png Sentinel's Pearl Brazier FExotic 400
Pearl Handcannon.png Sentinel's Pearl Handcannon FExotic 400
Pearl Needler.png Sentinel's Pearl Needler FExotic 400
Pearl Siren.png Sentinel's Pearl Siren FExotic 400
Pearl Speargun.png Sentinel's Pearl Speargun FExotic 400
Pearl Stinger.png Sentinel's Pearl Stinger FExotic 400
Primordus Rifle.png Sentinel's Primordus Harpoon Gun FExotic 400
Primordus Longbow.png Sentinel's Primordus Longbow FExotic 400
Primordus Pistol.png Sentinel's Primordus Pistol FExotic 400
Primordus Rifle.png Sentinel's Primordus Rifle FExotic 400
Primordus Short Bow.png Sentinel's Primordus Short Bow FExotic 400
Primordus Torch.png Sentinel's Primordus Torch FExotic 400
Primordus Warhorn.png Sentinel's Primordus Warhorn FExotic 400

Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png Weaponsmith

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Pearl Bludgeoner.png Sentinel's Pearl Bludgeoner FExotic 400
Pearl Broadsword.png Sentinel's Pearl Broadsword FExotic 400
Pearl Carver.png Sentinel's Pearl Carver FExotic 400
Pearl Crusher.png Sentinel's Pearl Crusher FExotic 400
Pearl Impaler.png Sentinel's Pearl Impaler FExotic 400
Pearl Reaver.png Sentinel's Pearl Reaver FExotic 400
Pearl Sabre.png Sentinel's Pearl Sabre FExotic 400
Pearl Shell.png Sentinel's Pearl Shell FExotic 400
Primordus Axe.png Sentinel's Primordus Axe FExotic 400
Primordus Dagger.png Sentinel's Primordus Dagger FExotic 400
Primordus Greatsword.png Sentinel's Primordus Greatsword FExotic 400
Primordus Mace.png Sentinel's Primordus Mace FExotic 400
Primordus Maul.png Sentinel's Primordus Maul FExotic 400
Primordus Pike.png Sentinel's Primordus Pike FExotic 400
Primordus Shield.png Sentinel's Primordus Shield FExotic 400
Primordus Sword.png Sentinel's Primordus Sword FExotic 400