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Remembering Scarlet's War

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Remembering Scarlet's War

Remembering Scarlet's War was the sole story step for the chapter Season 1 History Lesson within the Scarlet's War section of the Story Journal released on July 28, 2015. It served as a partial recap of Living World Season 1.


Read Ela's mail titled "History Lesson."

  • Read Ela's mail.

Visit Ela Makkay in Lion's Arch.

  • Hear Ela Makkay's summary of Scarlet's War.



  • After reading the mail, head to the location indicated on the map, slightly north of the Durmand Priory Research Site.
  • Upon speaking to Magister Ela Makkay, the player is shown a cinematic montage of scenes depicting events from Living World Season 1. Following the cinematic, the player may talk to Magister Ela Makkay again to access dialogue options that offer more information about several Living World characters.
  • Upon first viewing of the cinematic, players will gain an achievement (see notes).





Magister Ela Makkay

History Lesson

<Character name>,

We have a saying at the Durmand Priory: "Remember the past so you may shape the future." With that in mind, I've been conducting interviews and collecting historical information on Scarlet Briar and her war against Tyria starting in 1326 AE. I've prepared a summary of my research for you. It covers the major events of her campaign leading up to the final attack on Lion's Arch in 1327.

Meet me in Lion's Arch when you can. I'll be waiting.


Magister Ela Makkay

Message from ArenaNet

Living World Season 1 was a series of live content events that ran from January 2013 to March 2014. It chronicled Scarlet Briar's war on Tyria, culminating in the destruction of old Lion's Arch and the awakening of a powerful entity. The story was designed to be experienced as it happened. It is currently unavailable for episodic replay like Season 2, so we've created a recap to inform you of the events that bridge the gap between the end of the Personal Story (circa 1325 AE) and Living World Season 2 (1327 AE).

After completing this summary, you should have all the necessary information to jump in and begin playing Living World Season 2 and all subsequent story content, which is accessible from the Story Journal.

At White Crane Terrace[edit]

(sigh) Scarlet Briar. Where should I begin?
No one at first knew why she began her reign of terror. Some say she peered into the very fabric of the universe and went insane.
Her attacks began in the northeast and spread like fire.
She formed uneasy alliances and controlled her minions through deception and brutality.
She leveraged their technology to scan for currents of magical energy called ley lines.
Each attack had a purpose, allowing her to collect data from across Tyria that would later be used to assault Lion's Arch.
When all hope seemed lost, the heroes of Tyria rose to the task, along with new allies.
Braham Eirsson of Cragstead.
Rox Whetstone, gladium.
Kasmeer Meade, mesmer.
Marjory Delaqua, investigator.
And Taimi, prodigy from Rata Sum.
Led by the Pact Commander, they dismantled Scarlet's operations.
But while they reclaimed the city at the Battle of Lion's Arch, they would later discover that she had completed her mission even in death.
Scarlet's machine struck the ley line deep beneath Sanctum Harbor, directing its magic far into the Maguuma Jungle...
...changing the course of history.
Talking to Ela Makkay after cinematic:
Hello, <Character name>. I've been busy documenting Scarlet's War for the Durmand Priory. Care to hear some history?
Talk more option tango.png Sure. Tell me about Scarlet's War. [Replay Cinematic]
Talk more option tango.png I'd like to know a little bit about Marjory Delaqua.
Magister Ela Makkay: Marjory Delaqua is necromancer from Divinity's Reach.
Magister Ela Makkay: Until recently, she was a member of the Ministry Guard of Divinity's Reach and was responsible for protecting various Krytan ministers and their staff.
Magister Ela Makkay: She quit that job after witnessing some terrible abuses of power.
Magister Ela Makkay: After she left the guard, she went into business as an investigator-for-hire, taking on various cases that her clients needed handled, often with discretion.
Magister Ela Makkay: When Scarlet's Aetherblades assassinated Theo Ashford of the Captain's Council, Marjory led the inquiry that led to the arrest of their leader, Captain Mai Trin.
Magister Ela Makkay: Trin later escaped her cell and fled to the Mists shortly before Scarlet's attack on Lion's Arch.
Magister Ela Makkay: Ms. Delaqua would later help destroy the Tower of Nightmares in Kessex Hills, along with Lady Kasmeer Meade and the Pact Commander, who led the mission.
Magister Ela Makkay: Through her connection as a Durmand Priory member, she obtained evidence samples left behind by Scarlet's forces.
Magister Ela Makkay: The Pact Commander, with Marjory's help and that of Kasmeer and Vorpp, predicted the attack on Lion's Arch.
Magister Ela Makkay: Despite their warnings to the Captain's Council, the city fell, but it was later reclaimed.
Talk more option tango.png What can you tell me about Kasmeer Meade?
Magister Ela Makkay: Lady Kasmeer Meade comes from noble stock, but her family has since fallen on hard times.
Magister Ela Makkay: Her gambling brother Kyle put the family deep into debt, forcing her father to liquidate their possessions.
Magister Ela Makkay: Despite his efforts to fix Kyle's mistakes and unable to pay his own bills, her father was thrown into prison, where he died.
Magister Ela Makkay: Kasmeer, now forced to work, found employment as an investigator with Marjory Delaqua.
Magister Ela Makkay: Their combined efforts, with the Pact Commander's help, led to the solving of Theo Ashford's murder during Dragon Bash.
Magister Ela Makkay: Kasmeer was instrumental in uncloaking the Nightmare Tower, as well as in other battles during Scarlet's campaign.
Magister Ela Makkay: She distracted Scarlet in the battle of the Breachmaker, giving the Pact Commander a chance to deal the deathblow.
Talk more option tango.png I'm curious about Rox.
Magister Ela Makkay: Rox is a gladium. She lost her entire warband in a mining explosion.
Magister Ela Makkay: Since then, she performed tasks for Rytlock Brimstone, the Blood Legion Tribune, in an effort to join his Stone warband.
Magister Ela Makkay: She crossed paths with Braham at the Molten Alliance facility.
Magister Ela Makkay: Together, under the leadership of the Pact Commander, they infiltrated the weapons base, freed the prisoners and destroyed that operation.
Magister Ela Makkay: Throughout Scarlet's campaign, Rox fought beside the Pact Commander, providing ranged support and healing the injured.
Magister Ela Makkay: She accompanied the strike team that led the assault on Scarlet's Breachmaker in Lion's Arch.
Magister Ela Makkay: When Braham broke his leg during the fight, Rox stayed behind to tend to him. She also revived Marjory Delaqua, who was wounded by Scarlet's blast.
Magister Ela Makkay: In tending to her friends, she forfeited her opportunity to kill Scarlet, leaving the Pact Commander to do the honors.
Magister Ela Makkay: This was in direct conflict to her orders, and it ultimately led to her not gaining membership in the Stone warband.
Talk more option tango.png What do you know about Braham Eirsson?
Magister Ela Makkay: Braham Eirsson hails from Cragstead, a sizable homestead in Wayfarer Foothills.
Magister Ela Makkay: He's the son of Eir Stegalkin and Borje the Sun Chaser.
Magister Ela Makkay: As a child, he never knew his mother. She and Borje parted amicably so she could forge her legend with Destiny's Edge.
Magister Ela Makkay: Braham's father, a hero in his own right, agreed to raise Braham to adulthood. Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be.
Magister Ela Makkay: Borje died when his son was but a young boy. In the care of friends, Braham grew into an impetuous teen.
Magister Ela Makkay: He has a reputation for being a bit impulsive, but his heart's in the right place (or so I'm told).
Magister Ela Makkay: When the Molten Alliance swept through norn lands, Braham saw the violence firsthand.
Magister Ela Makkay: He sought help from the charr at the Black Citadel but was turned away.
Magister Ela Makkay: Tribune Brimstone had no troops to spare, and he didn't believe the claims that Braham was the son of his guildmate.
Magister Ela Makkay: Undeterred, Braham approached Knut Whitebear in the hopes of gathering norn to fight back the invaders.
Magister Ela Makkay: Again he was denied, as the Sons of Svanir were perceived as the bigger threat to Hoelbrak.
Magister Ela Makkay: Braham ultimately teamed up with Rox Whetstone, a charr gladium who had fought the Molten Alliance at Nolan Hatchery.
Magister Ela Makkay: Together, and with the aid of the Pact Commander, they infiltrated the Molten Alliance weapons facility and destroyed it from the inside.
Magister Ela Makkay: Braham was involved in a number of operations against Scarlet.
Magister Ela Makkay: He joined the Pact Commander in the final assault on the Breachmaker, but he broke his leg in the process.
Talk more option tango.png I want details on Taimi.
Magister Ela Makkay: Ah, Taimi. Rarely have I seen so much intellect and attitude crammed into such a tiny body.
Magister Ela Makkay: But don't let her size fool you.
Magister Ela Makkay: Between her feisty attitude and her skill at golemancy...let's just say you wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
Magister Ela Makkay: She comes from Rata Sum, though her studies have taken her abroad.
Magister Ela Makkay: She first came to my attention when Scarlet's marionette was stomping around.
Magister Ela Makkay: Her obsession with Scarlet's research led to some crucial discoveries.
Magister Ela Makkay: When she speaks about magic—especially that of Elder Dragons—you'd best listen.

My story[edit]

Lion's Arch loading screen.jpg

I met with Magister Ela Makkay of the Durmand Priory, who recounted Scarlet's War to me. Though many battles were fought throughout her campaign, Scarlet was focused on a single goal: to locate and exploit a ley line—a current of magical energy flowing beneath the earth. She enlisted help from unlikely allies through false promises. Her armies struck without warning, killing all who stood in their way and destroying everything in their path.

With the help of some new friends—Braham, Rox, Taimi, Marjory, and Kasmeer—I was able to predict Scarlet's assault on Lion's Arch, but all was for naught. The Captain's Council failed to prepare adequately. The city was almost completely destroyed in the attack. Countless citizens died during the fighting, many of them poisoned by gas. We drove off the attackers and took the battle to the Breachmaker, where we took down Scarlet once and for all. But her drill pierced the ley line under the harbor and sent a massive surge of magic into the Maguuma, where she initiated a chain of events that would change Tyria forever.

Update from ArenaNet
The core path of the Season 1 story is returning! You can begin the journey with Living World Season 1: Flame and Frost in the story journal. While episodes are being restored, this recap episode will remain playable.

Message from ArenaNet
Living World Season 1 was a series of live content events that ran from January 2013 to March 2014. It chronicled Scarlet Briar's war on Tyria, culminating in the destruction of old Lion's Arch and the awakening of a powerful entity. The story was designed to be experienced as it happened. Unlike Season 2, it is currently unavailable for episodic replay, so we've created the Scarlet's War recap to inform you of the events that bridge the gap between the end of the Personal Story (circa 1325 AE) and Living World Season 2 (1327 AE).

Once you've completed the Season 1 recap, we encourage you to peruse the Season 2 catalog of playable episodes. Season 2 episodes are replayable, so once you've unlocked them on your account, you may play them as often as you like, whenever you want. You may enjoy the episodes for free by partying with another player who has them unlocked, or you may purchase them with gems so that you have full access to the associated achievements and rewards.

My story


  • As it was the only story step in the Season 1 History Lesson chapter, completing it for the first time completed the I've Seen Things achievement, which in turn rewards Mystic Chest.pngScarlet's Secret Stash.
  • If you were unable to talk to Ela Makkay, you had to switch the active Living Story to Season 1 History Lesson and you should be able to talk to her.
  • The former My story section had been updated with the Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire update.
    • The former My story section was updated again with the Flame and Frost return update. The historical text:

Update from ArenaNet
Select missions from Living World Season 1 can now be replayed from the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North. To unlock the quest to relive these missions, complete the story chapter "Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire."

— My story

While outside of Lion's Arch the location indicated on the map is south of Grand Piazza.