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Disambig icon.png This article is about the generic creature. For the tamable pet, see Juvenile Cave Spider.

Cave Spider


Cave Spider (alt).jpg

Shiverpeaks version

Cave Spider Hatchling.jpg

Green version

Cave Spider (alt2).jpg

Canthan version

Cave Spiders are a type of spiders found in cavernous and underground areas throughout Tyria.


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma
Horn of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains
The Mists

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

  • Chapter 7: Forming the Pact

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Help Elain clear the spider cave (3)
Complete heart (map icon).png Help Aurelio keep roads to the Priory safe from grawl (29)
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the Priory stop the dredge encroachment (30)
Complete heart (map icon).png Help Antal the Patient impress the skritt in Kolkorensburg (41)
Complete heart (map icon).png Assist the skritt of Ratatosk (45)
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the Wupwup tribe survive so close to Flame lands (63)

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Kill the enraged spider queen (13)
Event shield (tango icon).png Accompany Muldoon on a walkabout around the Nightguard Beach (34)
Event swords (tango icon).png Remove creatures spawned from the malfunctioning asura gate (55)
Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the champion spider (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png [Group Event] Escort Nokta into the Great Tree as he looks for potential pets (80)
Event collect (tango icon).png Use bombs to shatter amber deposits and recover the chunks (80)
Event collect (tango icon).png Bring high-quality billet to Forgemaster Elrik while the forge is active (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png [Group Event] Protect Forgemaster Elrik while he gathers scrap metal (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Spore-Induced Rage.png Boon of Darkness — Spiders do more damage while in the darkness. The effect is negated near open flames. (During Legacy only)
  • Poisons
  • Bite — melee attack that applies Crippled.png Crippled for 3s
  • Venom Spray — cone AoE that hits twice and applies Poisoned.png Poisoned
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Powerful Venom Sac.png Powerful Venom Sac Crafting material Rare 1 3-80
Potent Venom Sac.png Potent Venom Sac Crafting material Fine 1 3-80
Venom Sac.png Venom Sac Crafting material Fine 1 45
Full Venom Sac.png Full Venom Sac Crafting material Fine 1 53
Small Venom Sac.png Small Venom Sac Crafting material Fine 1 3-80
Tiny Venom Sac.png Tiny Venom Sac Crafting material Fine 1 3-80
Prickly Spider Leg.png Prickly Spider Leg Trophy Junk 1 3-80
Hairy Spider Leg.png Hairy Spider Leg Trophy Junk 1-2 3-80
Spider Leg.png Spider Leg Trophy Junk 1 3-80
Tasty Spider Leg.png Tasty Spider Leg
(only drops if the Skyscale Treats collection is active)
Trophy Rare 1 3-80

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