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Canach's Lair (story)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story mode of Canach's Lair dungeon. For explorable mode, see Canach's Lair (explorable). For the Icebrood Saga instance, see Canach's Lair (vision).
Canach's Lair map.


  • Event star (tango icon).png Defeat Canach.
    • Defeat Canach.
    • Event bar.jpg Event fist (tango icon).png


Event reward
  • 70% of experience needed for next level.
  • 26 Silver coin
  • Karma
First time completion on account


Speak to the Lionguard Deputy to enter the story mode.

Mine Detector[edit]

There are two Mine Detectors at the entry to the dungeon and two more (if needed) at the beginning of Canach's chamber. When picked up, The Mine Detector replaces skills 1-5 is used to disarm traps found in the dungeon. The first four skills detect (#1) and disarm (#2-4) the mines scattered throughout the area. Each skill disarms the corresponding (exploding, poison, caltrop) type of mine trap. The skills are ground targeted. Once disarmed, the trap color turns to green, and will, at that point, only damage Canach when he is lured into the disabled mine's AoE.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Scan Etheric Field.png Scan for Mines 0.75¾ Scan the area for mines.
2 Bomb.png Disarm Land Mine 0.25¼ 4 Tamper with a land mine.
3 Disarm Poison Gas Mine.png Disarm Poison Gas Mine 0.25¼ 4 Tamper with a poison gas mine.
4 Caltrops.png Disarm Caltrops Mine 0.25¼ 4 Tamper with a caltrops mine.
5 Point-Blank Shot.png Gravity Pulse 1 30 Push back your foe. The closer your foe, the further they will be pushed.


The dungeon is a solo instance pitting you against Canach. Canach will be under the effects of Painkillers and be immune to direct damage and Condition Damage, but does still take damage from retaliation. He uses a Shield Bash attack and inflicts bleeding with his normal attacks but otherwise deals very little damage. Be careful as his Shield Bash can knock you into a mine. There are mines strewn around the area and identified by glowing red marks. Use the Mine Detector to disarm the mine; it will flash and turn green. Pull Canach into the proximity of a disarmed mine for it to activate. He will frequently activate all the mines at once, indicated by a yellow message in the chat window. This will reset all disarmed bombs in the area. You can interrupt him with crowd control to stop the activation.





Talking to Inspector Kiel at entrance
Watch yourself; Canach's an expert at guerilla warfare. He's also been handling the stimulants he used on the animals, so he may shrug off most attacks. Fortunately we have an edge in this assault.
Talk more option tango.png What edge do you mean?
Levvi's figured out how to detect and handle the traps he's set for us. Take one of these mine detectors she's improvised.
Talk more option tango.png How does the mine detector device work? (Same as "How do I use one of these mine..." below)
Talk more option tango.png How do I use one of these mine detector devices?
Use the scanning mode to locate mines, then disarm them with a choice of Canach's three arming frequencies, one for each type of trap. Using the wrong frequency will detonate a mine, so be careful.
Talk more option tango.png Got it, I hope.
Talk end option tango.png I've got this. Let me at him.
After defeating Canach
Inspector Ellen Kiel: You got away clean. Why'd you risk coming back just to stir things up again?
Canach: I'm doing what the Lionguard can't–I'm helping the refugees. The Consortium used legal trickery to trap them here.
Canach: I needed to send Noll and his superiors a message, and these people needed hope. So I provided it.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Well, that hope you provided left a trail of wreckage and broken bodies across my island.
Canach: It doesn't matter. The last of these contracts will be destroyed and the settlers will be freed.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Not by you. You're officially a Lionguard prisoner, Canach. Again. You've done all the damage you're going to do.
Canach: You still don't understand. My plan doesn't require me to see it through.
Canach: Every possible Consortium record depot on this island has already been marked.
Canach: Soon, every residency contract will be destroyed, along with anyone who tries to defend them.
Mercella Oakaxe: You think salad boy can make good on his threat?
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I do. He's a knotheaded prig, but he's dangerous. I'm declaring this an official Lionguard emergency.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Double-time it back to Noll. I want those contracts off Southsun Cove. If there's no target, maybe Canach's plan will fizzle.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: He was collecting them anyway. Tell him to finish as fast as he can and assemble them for transport.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I'll provide the ship to Lion's Arch. This is a public safety issue, so it's nonnegotiable. Make sure Noll understands that.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I'm going to fix this. All I need are reinforcements...and as much black powder as I can get.