Battle Scars

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Battle Scars

Effect type
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Your next attack steals health.

— In-game description


  • Has a stack limit of 25
  • PvE:
 Damage.png Life Siphon Damage: 117 (0.006)?
 Healing.png Life Siphon Healing: 117 (0.006)?
  • WvW:
 Damage.png Life Siphon Damage: 58 (0.003)?
 Healing.png Life Siphon Healing: 58 (0.003)?
  • PvP:
 Damage.png Life Siphon Damage: 58 (0.003)?
 Healing.png Life Siphon Healing: 68 (0.003)?
  • Battle Scars use one stack per strike.
  • Currently, the most recently applied stack is consumed first. This can lead to counterintuitive behavior. For example:
    • First, 10 stacks are applied
    • Then, Embrace the Darkness is activated, consuming 1 stack a second
    • Thrill of Combat automatically adds 1 stack a second
    • 10 seconds later, the original 10 stacks expire
  • To stop stacks from expiring unnecessarily, make sure you consume all stacks before adding more.

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