Crusader Brent

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Crusader Brent


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Crusader Brent is a member of the Vigil, who unlike others, is happy to be living in the current times because he is able to help in the fight to defeat the Elder Dragons as well as be able to witness the glory doing so.



I may sound crazy, but I'm glad I was born in time to be a part of these struggles. When we beat back the dragons, it will be glorious. And I'm determined to see it.
It's nice to see someone so confident.
Well, I've seen a lot of inspiring things as people start working together against the threat. People as a whole are at their best in the face of adversity. That's where our strength shines.
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You know, I think you're right.
Do you really think the glory is worth it?
I only meant that if we were destined to endure these times, I'm glad I got to see it.
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You'll change your mind soon enough.
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You're right. You sound crazy.
Just trying to be honest. You looked like someone who'd agree with me.
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I doubt anyone agrees with you.
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Let's hope you get to.