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Manipa is an armorsmith found at the Alseta Generator.


Ruins of Orr

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Level Cost
Chainmail Chestpiece.png Chainmail Chestpiece Heavy chest Silver coin
Chainmail Leggings.png Chainmail Leggings Heavy leggings Silver coin 76 Copper coin
Chainmail Footgear.png Chainmail Footgear Heavy boots Silver coin 64 Copper coin
Chainmail Gauntlets.png Chainmail Gauntlets Heavy gloves Silver coin 40 Copper coin
Chainmail Helm.png Chainmail Helm Heavy headgear Silver coin 36 Copper coin
Chainmail Shoulders.png Chainmail Shoulders Heavy shoulders Silver coin 96 Copper coin
Rawhide Vest.png Rawhide Vest Medium chest Silver coin
Rawhide Leggings.png Rawhide Leggings Medium leggings Silver coin 76 Copper coin
Rawhide Boots.png Rawhide Boots Medium boots Silver coin 64 Copper coin
Rawhide Bracers.png Rawhide Bracers Medium gloves Silver coin 40 Copper coin
Rawhide Mask.png Rawhide Mask Medium headgear Silver coin 36 Copper coin
Rawhide Shoulders.png Rawhide Shoulders Medium shoulders Silver coin 96 Copper coin
Apprentice Coat.png Apprentice Coat Light chest Silver coin
Apprentice Pants.png Apprentice Pants Light leggings Silver coin 76 Copper coin
Apprentice Shoes.png Apprentice Shoes Light boots Silver coin 64 Copper coin
Apprentice Gloves.png Apprentice Gloves Light gloves Silver coin 40 Copper coin
Apprentice Band.png Apprentice Band Light headgear Silver coin 36 Copper coin
Apprentice Shoulders.png Apprentice Shoulders Light shoulders Silver coin 96 Copper coin
Backpack Straps.png Backpack Straps Back item Copper coin