Tactician Ryan

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Tactician Ryan is a member of the Vigil found at Pagga's Post.



Welcome to The Grinder. Make sure you stock up on the essentials. There's no telling when or if our next supply shipment will arrive.
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What's the "Grinder"?
It's what we called the road from here to the Cursed Shore. The enemy throws every possible obstacle in the path of our troops. They grind away each company, until nothing remains.
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Have we made any efforts to secure the region?
There are small outposts and encampments strategically placed along the road leading west, but chances are they're already wiped out.
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How does one survive out here?
Stick with your allies. And if you attempt to pursue any secondary objectives away from the primary advance, try not to wander too far alone.
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Thanks for the advice.