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Apatia is a young norn of the Lionguard who joins the Pact.


She was first met when the Orders took back Claw Island from Blightghast the Plaguebringer and its Risen forces. After witnessing the to-be second-in-command of the Pact, she eagerly joined the Vigil to aid the Pact, and was assigned to investigating the krait's ability to avoid the Risen's corruption, leading her and the Pact's Commander to the Blue Orb.

However, while attempting to retrieve the Blue Orb, she was captured by the krait. Without the Blue Orb to protect them, the krait's Deeps become infested with Risen and Apatia herself was corrupted. After the Pact Commander had brought the orb to Fort Trinity and defended it from Risen, they tracked down Apatia and put her to rest.

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