Forager Polly

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Forager Polly


Interactive map

Forager Polly is the former Faction Provisioner for Outpost: Southwatch in Auric Basin.


Heart of Maguuma


  • As of the September 18, 2018 update, this provisioner is no longer interactable at any time. All provisioner services of Auric Basin have been combined within Scavenger Rakatin at Waypoint (tango icon).png Wanderer's Waypoint.
  • She previously accepted a Rare level 80 Valkyrie-stat crafted mace, staff, torch, or chest armour in exchange for a Provisioner Token once per day.
  • She previously only appeared after the completion of Event shield (tango icon).png Clear Mordrem near Exalted mirrors while Adanich powers-up Southwatch (80).