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Squad Leader Falgeir

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Squad Leader Falgeir is the interim leader of the remaining pact survivors of the platoon that ventured into the Forsaken Thicket. He is located at the entrance of Spirit Vale.


Heart of Maguuma


Before you ask, no, I'm not the missing recon squad leader. Nothing's ever easy, right?
Talk more option tango.png Give me a field report.
Squad Leader Falgeir: We were tracking Mordrem movement, but we started finding evidence of human activity.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Our platoon had been marching for days, so we pitched camp here thinking it was a safe spot to get some rest.
Squad Leader Falgeir: That night a huge blast hit us, killing our lookout instantly. After that, everything went hooves up.
Squad Leader Falgeir: We fought hard but we were outnumbered. Sabetha ordered her crew to take prisoners, and then left.
Squad Leader Falgeir: We avoided capture but can't go after our squad. She's got some kind of magic barrier in place.
Talk more option tango.png What do you know about the area?
Squad Leader Falgeir: Our intel was spotty. We weren't expecting a fortress this far north, especially one so well defended.
Squad Leader Falgeir: They're guarding something, but with the exception of Mordrem and malaria, there's not much out here.
Squad Leader Falgeir: If you can take out Sabetha and retrieve our squad, we'll see they get proper treatment back here.
Talk more option tango.png What do you know about the bandits?
Squad Leader Falgeir: All bandits are scum, but these are the meanest I've ever seen. Most stick to holding up caravans or kidnapping regular folk.
Squad Leader Falgeir: This group nearly destroyed a well-armed, well-trained Pact platoon.
Squad Leader Falgeir: They were led by a nasty one they called Sabetha. She burned a soldier nearly to ash right before my eyes.
Squad Leader Falgeir: They laid waste to our camp, and now they've got our soldiers. Bear only knows what they're doing to them.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Be careful out there. Her guardians are like nothing I've ever seen, and her lieutenants are especially cruel.
Talk more option tango.png How can I help?
Squad Leader Falgeir: Keep your eyes open. We found a few items the bandits left behind. The intel might prove useful.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Sabetha took the squad that way. You'll need to destroy the magic barrier before you can track them through the woods.
Squad Leader Falgeir: We don't know why Sabetha took them. Maybe for interrogation, or maybe for some other purpose.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Bear only knows what's in those woods. I hear screams at night. Be ready for anything.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Our squad leader's a good man. He'd do anything for his troops. Rescue him, and kill those cowards while you're at it.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.