Recruit Tochacatl

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Recruit Tochacatl is a karma merchant found at Izz-al-Din Sarayi within Shark's Teeth Archipelago that will appear after Agent Carver captures the area.


Ruins of Orr

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon.png Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon Accessory DMasterwork 73 1,071 Karma.png
Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon.png Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon Accessory CFine 73 539 Karma.png
Glyphic Edge.png Sarayi Sword Sword CFine 73 427 Karma.png
Glyphic Edge.png Sarayi Sword of Force Sword DMasterwork 73 854 Karma.png
Glyphic Staff.png Sarayi Staff Staff CFine 73 644 Karma.png
Glyphic Staff.png Sarayi Staff of Force Staff DMasterwork 73 1,281 Karma.png
Dark Templar Gauntlets.png Sarayi Gauntlets Heavy gloves CFine 73 385 Karma.png
Primitive Handwraps.png Sarayi Gloves Light gloves CFine 73 385 Karma.png
Buccaneer Gloves.png Sarayi Gloves Medium gloves CFine 73 385 Karma.png
Dark Templar Gauntlets.png Sarayi Gauntlets of the Afflicted Heavy gloves DMasterwork 73 770 Karma.png
Buccaneer Gloves.png Sarayi Gloves of the Afflicted Medium gloves DMasterwork 73 770 Karma.png
Primitive Handwraps.png Sarayi Gloves of the Afflicted Light gloves DMasterwork 73 770 Karma.png
Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box Container FExotic 4,550 Karma.png


This island marks the halfway point between our land and Orr. The path will only become more treacherous the further you advance.
Have anything I could use?
Talk end option tango.png
Thanks for the warning.