Crusader Fierceswipe

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Crusader Fierceswipe was a member of the Vigil found at Thunder Ridge Camp, helping with the investigation of the Toxic Alliance.


Historical location[edit]


I've got reports coming in about spore clouds spotted far and wide. People are getting sick, hallucinating. I don't like it.
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What's being done about it?
Locals are battling as best they can, cutting down the flowers growing from these spreading spores. If we don't get this under control, all of Tyria could be overgrown with toxic plants.
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Let's put an end to it.
After tower destruction
It crimps my whiskers that one teeny sylvari could cause so much havoc.
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What do you know about her?
I'm ashamed to say she studied with one of my kind, a gladium named Asagai. He was renowned for his skill with firearms. How she ever convinced him to train her, I'll never know.
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Hang in there.


  • Fierceswipe incorrectly refers to Asagai as male, when she was female.