Crusader Arrkin

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Crusader Arrkin is one of the few inhabitants of Cachistic R&D.


Ruins of Orr


This isn't a lab, it's a sewer. Bad enough we've got tar elementals traipsing in here all the time like they own the place, but Merla bringing her rat thing in here, too?
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Who's Merla?
Scholar Merla's the lead researcher here. She's obsessed with the undead, so all we do is try to develop new weapons or energies or concoctions to make their unpleasant existence even more unpleasant.
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Any luck?
I'm not sure. How can you tell if your weapon is doing any damage to a corpse that's already diseased, dead, and decomposing?
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What "rat thing" are you talking about?
That fidgetty, malodorous, barely conversant skritt that Merla calls her assistant. Skittering around here all day. I say, if you want something done right, build a golem to do it.
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I guess golems would be easier to lab train.
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That's a good point.
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I see.
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Sounds like someone needs a nap.