Tactician Vrada

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Tactician Vrada is one of the few inhabitants of Caer Shadowfain who just got a message from her sister.


Ruins of Orr


I just got a message from my sister. I haven't heard from her in over a year.
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Good news?
Good to know she's alive, but...It's funny, our brother and I both chose Blood Legion, then the Vigil. She went with the Ash Legion and Order of Whispers. We used to tease her that she took the safe route.
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What happened?
Now, I'm here at this Pact post a few miles from the front lines with Risen just outside these walls. And she's on the enemy's side of the lines, spying on he Risen. Sometimes only ten feet away.
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I guess she'll be the one doing the teasing when this whole thing's over.
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That must be a relief. Good-bye.