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Crusader Benson


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Crusader Benson is a karma merchant who sells level 80 exotic Soldier's temple armor after successfully completing the Gates of Arah meta event.


Items offered[edit]

Each piece of armor contains a Superior Rune of Infiltration that cannot be salvaged.

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Boar Tusk.png Pact Medal Of Valor Accessory Fine 80 581 Karma
Boar Tusk.png Pact Medal Of Valor Accessory Masterwork 80 1,155 Karma
Armageddon Greaves.png Soldier's Armageddon Greaves of Infiltration Heavy boots Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Armageddon Breastplate.png Soldier's Armageddon Breastplate of Infiltration Heavy chest Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Armageddon Gauntlets.png Soldier's Armageddon Gauntlets of Infiltration Heavy gloves Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Armageddon Helm.png Soldier's Armageddon Helm of Infiltration Heavy headgear Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Armageddon Leggings.png Soldier's Armageddon Leggings of Infiltration Heavy leggings Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Armageddon Pauldrons.png Soldier's Armageddon Pauldrons of Infiltration Heavy shoulders Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Aurora Shoes.png Soldier's Aurora Shoes of Infiltration Light boots Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Aurora Garb.png Soldier's Aurora Garb of Infiltration Light chest Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Aurora Gloves.png Soldier's Aurora Gloves of Infiltration Light gloves Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Aurora Helm.png Soldier's Aurora Helm of Infiltration Light headgear Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Aurora Leggings.png Soldier's Aurora Leggings of Infiltration Light leggings Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Aurora Mantle.png Soldier's Aurora Mantle of Infiltration Light shoulders Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Rubicon Boots.png Soldier's Rubicon Boots of Infiltration Medium boots Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Rubicon Coat.png Soldier's Rubicon Coat of Infiltration Medium chest Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Rubicon Gloves.png Soldier's Rubicon Gloves of Infiltration Medium gloves Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Rubicon Hat.png Soldier's Rubicon Hat of Infiltration Medium headgear Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Rubicon Leggings.png Soldier's Rubicon Leggings of Infiltration Medium leggings Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Rubicon Shoulderpads.png Soldier's Rubicon Shoulderpads of Infiltration Medium shoulders Exotic 80 42,000 Karma
Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box Container Exotic 4,550 Karma
Bottle of Sesame-Ginger Sauce.png Bottle of Putrid Wine Alcohol Basic 28 Karma

See also[edit]

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