Throg the Inflexible

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Throg the Inflexible is a wounded member of the Vigil found at the Shelter Docks.



The scholars won't clear me for patrol until my wounds fully heal. I know when I'm ready to fight, and I'm ready now.
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What happened?
I was attacked by a herd of undead cattle. Didn't realized until after that pain in my leg was from an undead maggot's teeth imbedded in my calf. The wound festered, but I'm fine now.
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You're a liability with a wound like that.
Yes, all right, I know. But you don't understand. I want to die on the front lines, fighting, like the rest of my warband did. Not lying here being done in by a fever. I have to get back out there.
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We'll be glad for your help, when you've healed.
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You should listen to the scholars.
During Complete Pact training on Orrian history
Oh, come on. Everyone knows the answer to this one. It's...uh...maybe it's time to hit the scrolls again.
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Better luck next time.