Recruiter Riannan

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Recruiter Riannan is a member of the Vigil located in Vigil Hall on the District Promenade side.



You're not quite Vigil material, are you. That's nothing to be ashamed of. The orders are the three legs of our fight against the dragons. Remove one leg, and the stool falls.
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To members of the Vigil
Glad to see that you are well, <Character name>. Our facilities are at your disposal.
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Good. Are you stationed here in the city?
Yes, though I'm not from here. It is an important location. We cannot let it fall to the dragons. When Orr rose, Krytans were driven northward by rising coastlines and new dangers. They built this city to protect themselves.
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The world changed a lot back then.
Yes, and it's still changing. These walls keep Krytans safe and secure while the whole world changes around them. It's a fortress, and—you might say—a menagerie of endangered species.
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Okay, then. I'll see you around.
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It's a good thing they did.
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Thank you.