Warmaster Yulia

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Hero challenge.png

Warmaster Yulia


Interactive map

Warmaster Yulia has been following your legend. Test your strength against her to complete the Hero challenge.



Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Defeat Warmaster Yulia (29)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Bleeds
  • Cripples
  • Chop Chop - Chain. Chop your foe.
    • Redirect Arrow.png Double Chop Double Chop - Chain. Chop your foe twice.
      • Redirect Arrow.png Triple Chop Triple Chop - Deliver three final chops to your foe.
  • Dual Strike Dual Strike - Strike your foe with both weapons. Gain quickness for each strike that hits.
  • Throw Axe Throw Axe - Throw an axe that cripples foes, dealing bonus damage at lower health thresholds.
Stolen skills


Hero point empty.png I've been tracking your legend, <Character name>. Don't look so surprised, and don't expect me to tell you how long I've been following your progress. All you need to know is that <race-specific dialogue(see below)>. You've come a long way since then.
Talk more option tango.png What do you want from me?
Hero point empty.png It's time for you to fight me! Can't you feel it in the wind? You're ripe for it, and I'm ready to share my knowledge with you. The spirits have brought us both here. I've waited long for this day. Are you ready?
Talk combat option tango.png I'm ready.
Talk end option tango.png No. I'll fight you some other time.
Hero point.png It's time for me to take my place out in the battlefield. I may not return. This is either the turning point or the ending point of my life. I'm glad the Spirits sent you to me before it was too late. Your mark is deep upon Tyria. I wish you victory.
Talk end option tango.png I wish you the same.


Well fought. Now get out there and do some good in the world. Build your legend.


  • The initial dialogue changes based on race.
    • Asura: I was there when you emerged from your College's academy.
    • Human: I was there when you saved Shaemoor from centaurs.
    • Sylvari: I was in the grove when you emerged from your pod.
    • Charr: I was there when you fought the dead duke, Barradin.
    • Norn: I was there when you fought Issormir.


  • She wields two axes with an unobtainable skin that share the same appearance as as Logging Axe gathering tools.
  • Currently she is the tallest Norn female NPC, being nearly a foot taller than max height player character Norn.