Crusader Brohaugh

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Crusader Brohaugh is a member of the Vigil found at Shelter Docks.


Ruins of Orr


The last moot I went to was a blast. Surrounded by strong women, fierce men, and enough ale to bathe a dolyak herd. Lasted only six days, but it was worth remembering...what little I remember, that is.
Talk more option tango.png
There's a serious battle going. Stay focus!
I didn't come out here because I love fighting the undead. I did it because I love my life at home. My friends, the moots...that's what I fight for. I was just reminding myself.
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Talk end option tango.png
I'll talk to you later.
During Complete Pact training on Orrian history
Oh, come on. Everyone knows the answer to this one. It's...uh...maybe it's time to hit the scrolls again.
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Better luck next time.


Despite being a member of the Vigil, he doesn't wear their specific armor.