Tactician Draga

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Tactician Draga is a member of the Vigil found at Ridgepost Sentry.


Shiverpeak Mountains


It's my job to keep track of the Svanir. You'd think the captain would listen when I warn him.
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What's there to know?
You can't frighten or bargain with the Sons of Svanir. They believe as strongly in Dragon as others do in Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, or Wolf. Humans don't understand that it's not just a religion. It's who they are.
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Tell me more.
It's similar to how Jormag's frozen breath corrupts everything it touhes. The Svanir are no longer themselves. They have drawn upon Dragon's power, and in exchange, they've given up their identities and become part of Dragon.
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Can't we fix them?
Put that thought right out of your head. They cannot come back from the choice they've made. We can no sooner fix them as we can heal one of the icebrood. They are lost to us, forever.
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That's a shame.