Warmaster Jofast

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Warmaster Jofast is a karma merchant found within her camp in Craven Blight on the Cursed Shore.

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Seraph Emblem.png Pact Dolyak Harness Accessory Masterwork 80 1,155 Karma.png
Seraph Emblem.png Pact Dolyak Harness Accessory Fine 80 581 Karma.png
Glyphic Maul.png Jofast's Hammer Hammer Fine 80 693 Karma.png
Glyphic Maul.png Jofast's Hammer of Force Hammer Masterwork 80 1,386 Karma.png
Glyphic Mace.png Jofast's Mace Mace Fine 80 462 Karma.png
Glyphic Mace.png Jofast's Mace of Force Mace Masterwork 80 924 Karma.png
Dark Templar Pauldrons.png Jofast's Pauldrons Heavy shoulders Fine 80 511 Karma.png
Primitive Mantle.png Jofast's Mantle Light shoulders Fine 80 511 Karma.png
Buccaneer Shoulders.png Jofast's Shoulderpads Medium shoulders Fine 80 511 Karma.png
Dark Templar Pauldrons.png Jofast's Pauldrons of the Afflicted Heavy shoulders Masterwork 80 1,022 Karma.png
Primitive Mantle.png Jofast's Mantle of the Afflicted Light shoulders Masterwork 80 1,022 Karma.png
Buccaneer Shoulders.png Jofast's Shoulderpads of the Afflicted Medium shoulders Masterwork 80 1,022 Karma.png
Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box Container Exotic 4,550 Karma.png


I hate the way this whole place smells. The sooner we can launch our invasion, the better.
Karma.png Do yo have any goods to spare? (when Jofast's Camp is uncontested)
Talk more option tango.png So you had to evacuate your camp? (when Shelter's Gate is contested)
Yes. The Risen forced our retreat from Shelter's Gate, leaving us exposed until our supply line could be rebuilt.
Talk end option tango.png That's unfortunate. Good luck.
Talk more option tango.png Do you really think Marshal Trahearne can get us to Arah?
Like most sylvari, Trahearne is devoted to his Wyld Hunt. He'll succeed or die trying. That is an admirable thing.
Talk end option tango.png When you put it that way, his dedication does seem noble.
Talk end option tango.png I hear that!
During Defend Jofast's Camp against Risen attacks
We fought tooth and nail for this foothold, and we can't be pushed out now.
Talk end option tango.png We can do this.